Does anything happen if you put the mouse pad in the washing machine?

Accidents happen, and if you are one of those who have coffee or any other drink while you use the PC, even more so. The mouse pad is one of those PC peripherals that often go unnoticed when it comes to cleaning tasks, but there will come a time when it is too dirty (or, as we said, you have spilled something) and you want to clean it. It can put the rug in the washing machine? Next we take you out of doubts.

There are several ways to clean the rug without damaging it, but in this article what we are going to try is to discern if something is going to happen to it by putting it directly in the washing machine, since in fact it is the fastest and easiest way and, surely, the first thing that will occur to more than one when it comes to having to clean it.

Mat in the washing machine: yes, but in cold water

First of all, you should keep in mind that the vast majority of PC mouse pads are actually made using at least three materials: a non-slip rubber base, fabric on the surface, and glue between the two to hold them together (many they also have sewn edges, but it is still a type of fabric). And it is precisely this glue the one that can cause disaster if you are not careful when putting the mat in the washing machine.

dirty mat

For this reason, the only precaution you have to take into account when putting the mat in the washing machine is to select a cold wash program, always at 30ÂșC or less, since when this temperature is exceeded, the glue will soften and the fabric will detach from the rubber, leaving the mat unusable in all probability. Beyond that, you simply have to take the usual precautions, such as not using any abrasive product, much less bleach.

If you are wondering if you should wash the mat alone or if you can put it with the rest of your clothes, the answer is also very simple: as we have mentioned, it is necessary to wash it cold and, therefore, it is very unlikely to fade. For this reason, there shouldn’t be any kind of problem washing the mat with the rest of your clothes (this way you take advantage of the washing while you’re at it).

Never use the dryer

Once the wash is complete, simply lay the mat out to dry as normal. What you should never do is put it in a drying machinesince as we have mentioned before, high temperatures will cause the glue to soften and the fabric to come off: this would be a huge mistake that will necessarily lead to your mat being completely spoiled.

Extended Gaming Mat

Depending on the thickness of the mat, it may take more or less time to dry, but in general it will take a little longer than normal clothes because they tend to be relatively thick. In any case, another recommendation that we are going to give you is that do not let it dry in the sunsince it could lose part of its coloration and even in case of extreme heat, it could also soften the glue.

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