Does Apple cover MacBook screen scratches?

While it is true that there are those who always use their laptop in the same position, in the end the fact of being portable allows them to be carried anywhere and that is where the danger lies. And not only from serious breakage, but also from small scratches. If your MacBook screen gets scratched, what should you do? Does the warranty cover it?

AppleCare + saves the ballot, but half

Over the years we have seen that some units of Apple computers have come with some type of damage that requires a repair that the company usually does for free. Take a look at the fateful butterfly keyboards or the screens on some 2015 MacBook Pros. However, a MacBook warranty does not cover damage caused by the user, either intentionally or accidentally.

And precisely the scratches on the screen are one of these failures caused by the user. And it does not need to have been dropped or anything similar, since the friction itself with the keyboard when closed can be enough sometimes. More if a thorough cleaning is not carried out on top and remains of food or the like that can end up damaging the screen to a greater or lesser extent.

Broken MacBook screen

In the event that you want to repair these damages, you will have to pay for the repair in technical support. The official price is not disclosed, being budgeted at the time of the appointment. Of course, we assure you right away that it is not exactly cheap. Yes, it goes down a lot if you have AppleCare + coverage, but in the end you will have to pay a part in the same way and therefore there will be no free change that is worth it.

Recommendations to avoid problems

That your MacBook is still intact is a good sign, but not a definitive one. If you do not want it to suffer any scratches or the like, it is recommended that you be careful. It is recommended that you put a screen protector on it, although if you are not a fan of these accessories, do not worry. There are other aspects that you can take into account to prevent those scratches.

And also, all the tips are pure common sense, such as not touching the screen with your fingers, avoiding contact with sharp objects, keeping them in padded covers, etc. Although also carry a good cleaning as we anticipated before. And it is that the small specks of dirt seem harmless, but if it is dirt, bread crumbs or similar they can end up damaging the screen on contact. And these are not usually always found on the screen, but on the keyboard, so when you close the laptop they come into contact and that is where the damage occurs.

clean mac

Be that as it may, we believe it is important that you give relevance to this matter. And it is not necessary to be a maniac with it and try to always keep the Mac intact, since in the end with the passage of time it is normal that they end up with marks of use. And while it is true that small scratches can be insignificant, there are a few others that can lead to complete panel breakage in the long run.

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