Does Apple rectify? The HomePod is back

It is clear that the HomePod has not been a bestseller, but it has been and is a device that all users who enjoy it every day in their homes have fallen in love with, and above all, with the fantastic sound that provides. Well, it seems that Apple could have assumed its mistake of discontinuing it, since a new HomePod seems to be in its plans, and also very soon. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

A new HomePod is just around the corner

It seems that the Cupertino company has accepted its mistake and all the rumors seem to indicate that in a short space of time, Apple will introduce and launch a new HomePod. Really, all users were surprised when the Cupertino company announced that the HomePod was not going to be manufactured anymore, without really having a device that is capable of covering that market space and leaving the HomePod mini as Apple’s only smart speaker.

Although it is true that the HomePod does not stand out as an assistant, it does thanks to the sound quality it offers. In fact, we could consider that, initially, what Apple wanted to create was a high-quality speaker that, as an addition, featured Siri inside it, doing the work of an assistant. Another reason why it did not have a resounding success in sales was because of its pricethat although it was in line with the sound quality it offered, taking into account the speakers of the competition, all those potential buyers who saw it as an assistant rather than a speaker, found much cheaper options than this one in other manufacturers such as Google or Amazon.

Apple seems to have taken good note of all these points that we have mentioned to you, and according to the information that we have known in recent days, in this same year 2022 the Cupertino company may present the successor to the HomePod, although with some differences from the original. The first thing that seems to change is the size, adopting dimensions that place it between the HomePod mini and the original HomePod. It will be necessary to see how this affects the quality and power of the sound of this speaker, or assistant, whatever you want to call it.


Another novelty would obviously be in the priceSince, as we say, Apple seems to have learned from the reasons that made the HomePod not break in sales as its little brother, the HomePod mini, has done. Although the price of this new device will not be close to that of the HomePod mini, it will not reach the figures used by the HomePod either, and it will be, again, in an intermediate space between the two, around 200 or 250 euros.

Surely the most important point, and the one that will make users launch en masse to acquire it or not, are your specifications. Few surprises can come with a device of this type, but what cannot be missing is that users can enjoy their favorite music with Dolby Atmos, spatial audio and lossless audio, something that the previous HomePod already offered. Finally, and surely something that we all want to know, is the launch date of this product. Everything seems to indicate that Apple could launch it on the market at late 2022 or early 2023so it will be necessary to be very attentive to the leaks to know more details of this next release.

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