Does AVG antivirus protect my mail? find out

At the moment when we are ready to protect the content of our computer with some type of security software, we must choose well. One of the most popular and long-used antiviruses is the one offered by AVG due to the multiple functions it offers us.

The truth is that we have the possibility to choose between a good amount of titles in this sense to install on our computer and protect it. What’s more, Microsoft by default offers us Windows Defender when installing its well-known operating system. But many users still prefer to use older or external solutions for these tasks. That is precisely why, when installing any other antivirusthe one that comes by default in Windows is automatically disabled.

One of the security solutions that we can use is the aforementioned AVG antivirus. For those interested, we will tell you that this firm offers us a free solution, although somewhat limited in terms of its functionality. In order to be able to enjoy everything that this title offers us, we will have to download the AVG Internet Security paid suite. In addition, we have versions for both end users and companies.

It is worth mentioning that one of the most interesting functions that we can find here for both modes of use is the one that protect our email. Keep in mind that this veteran way of using the Internet is one of the main sources of malware arrival. Hence precisely the importance of establishing certain protection filters to keep our team data safe. Regardless of our mail provider, the truth is that sometimes we run more risks than we should, even more so if we take into account its widespread use.

AVG protects your email and prevents malware

For all this that we tell you, the antivirus itself offers us a feature called Email Shield which acts as protector centered on the mentioned mail. All this is achieved because the antivirus itself by default scans all incoming and outgoing messages for malicious code. In this way, what is achieved is to protect both our equipment and that of the recipients of our own messages.

In the event that the antivirus AVG detects some type of anomaly or potentially dangerous file, it blocks it automatically. This is something that takes place with dangerous attachments both input and output. In turn, and by default, the antivirus itself sends us messages of warning about suspicious links that can reach us through this route.

In short, when this security solution is active, it analyzes the downloaded files that we receive by email, all of this before it reaches our computer, and blocks potentially dangerous attachments. In this way what we really achieve is to avoid the arrival of executable files, compressed or office automation with malicious codes hidden. This type of movement by attackers is much more common than we might imagine. Precisely from there comes the importance of this functionality that AVG’s antivirus offers us.

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