Does CarPlay have to be updated to work with iPhone?

In the absence of Apple’s own car, which we do not know if it will end up arriving and when, the Californian company offers a navigation system in some vehicles through the iPhone called CarPlay. Now, is this really a system independent of the iPhone? Is it advisable to update it frequently? We solve all your doubts.

The real way to update CarPlay

The first and most important thing to know about this is that CarPlay resides on iOSie on the iPhone. Although it has certain peculiarities such as the interface not being exactly like the smartphone or that it can only be used in the car, the truth is that it is still one more feature of the iPhone’s operating system.

Therefore, we do not find CarPlayOS or similar, since it does not exist. CarPlay versions are the same as iPhone, so if you have iOS 15.2.1 installed on the parent device, also the vehicle system will be on version 15.2.1. So if you want to update CarPlay all you have to do is update the iPhone by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

Update iPhone

What you should keep in mind is that in the end, the vehicles that are compatible with CarPlay have their own operating systems for the browser. Therefore, it is possible that on some occasion you find yourself needing to update its software, for which we already recommend that you consult its own instructions or contact the brand so that they can help you.

Updating it can be vitally important

While it is true that the simplicity of the system helps prevent too many problems from appearing, it is not ruled out that some errors may eventually appear in CarPlay. And if we take into account that in the end this is fundamental in many cases for applications such as GPS, we believe that it is extremely important to always have the iPhone updated.

All this without taking into account the benefits that iOS updates already have as a base with regard to the device itself. Both at the security level, as well as performance in general and even eventual visual and functional novelties. Therefore, if we always recommend having the iPhone updated, if you also use CarPlay we can do nothing but recommend it even more strongly.

Of course, the problems of CarPlay derived from the software are not always resolved by updating the iPhone. And it is that sometimes it is necessary to restore the mobile device to eliminate these errors. And it is that the junk files that are occasionally stored with the use of the iPhone can end up being crucial for its correct functioning at all levels, including CarPlay.

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