Does Facebook want to take over the world? It will develop an artificial intelligence capable of “understanding” the real world

Facebook is one of the most used digital platforms in the world because it constantly improves things within its application or its algorithms to keep its users always loyal. Now, it leaked it prepares un project, called Ego4D, with the aim of creating a system of artificial intelligence (AI) that interacts with the world in the first person to offer new experiences, but many institutions maintain that it is only a surveillance network.

An artificial intelligence that understands the world from the center of the action “could unlock a new era of immersive experiences, since devices such as augmented reality glasses and virtual reality helmets become as useful in everyday life as smartphones, “explained Facebook on its website.

How will Facebook achieve this ambitious plan?

Facebook collaborates with 13 universities and laboratories in nine countries, which collected more than 2,200 hours of video in the first person of moments of the daily life of more than 700 participants to train this system, which is intended to develop the following aspects:

  • Episodic memory (What happened and when?)
  • Hand and object manipulation (What am I doing?)
  • Audiovisual diaries (Who said what and when?)
  • Social interaction (Who interacts with whom?)
  • Forecast (What is likely to happen next?)

How will you use the data that this AI will collect?

Facebook emphasizes that this is a research project, but it is clear that it will use it in its future commercial products. “Definitely, thinking about augmented reality and what we would like to be able to do with it, there are possibilities in the future to take advantage of this type of research,” he said. Kristen Grauman, artificial intelligence researcher at Facebook, in an interview for the US media The Verge.

While it sounds good in theory, some institutions are alarmed that AI could have serious privacy implications; according to el Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), this could serve as a spy tool, also several European organizations expressed their doubts.

With 93 million users on Facebook, Mexico holds the position number 5 in a world ranking made up of 13 countries from 5 continents. It is surpassed only by Brazil (130 million users), Indonesia (140 million), the USA (190 million) and India (320 million).


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