Does MediaMarkt really have the best prices, as they say?

German chain store MediaMarkt specializes in the sale of household appliances and consumer electronics of all kinds. However, it is not a recommendation for our readers when purchasing new components and hardware peripherals for our computer. The motives? We explain them to you

One of the ways to see if a store has quality policies is to look at the efficiency of their service.after-sales service. If we see that they have specialized more in procrastinating than providing solutions, then keep in mind that the products they sell are not clean wheat and you should be very careful when buying them. Fortunately, this is not the case at hand. Or not?

Why you shouldn’t buy from MediaMarkt?

The first reason is one that all those who have passed through this chain of stores will have already been able to verify on their own skin. It’s about the fake discountswhich are based on affirming that there has been a reduction in the price based on putting as discount price what would be the price which usually gives distributor or the maker. Which implies that for a while these have been more expensive, moreover, they have even caught stores increasing the price on certain dates. So these false discounts are the first of the problems and it is best that when you go to a MediaMarkt store that you look at the price elsewhere.

Secondly, we have something that luckily they stopped doing years ago, since it compromised several brands. It consisted of MediaMarkt buying the products that were in the limbo of the quality test. That is, they can be sold and are fully functional, but they are a lottery about its useful life. Many of them managed to exceed the average warranty time, but in some cases they were a fairly serious after-sales problem to solve. To finish, we find that the censorship on your website in order to avoid negative opinions. Feedback is a way of measuring the degree of satisfaction of the end customer. And a company that doesn’t let its customers give their opinion leaves a lot to be desired.

We do not recommend it for hardware hobbyists

A good hardware hobbyist builds his own PC, from the power supply to the storage drive. In MediaMarkt you will see a lot of products, especially complete computers that are not up to the level. While it’s tempting to buy a tower, we recommend going to your neighborhood hardware store, not only will they let you pick out the parts, but you’ll pay a lot more for it. Especially when it comes to mounting a tower where you may find yourself with a system with deficiencies in things like the power supply or the cooling system. We have found surprise as a Gaming PC assembled with single channel memory even.

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