Does my business need advertising with Google Ads?

If you have an online business, surely you know the tool digital marketing, Google Ads. This is the solution that Google uses to schedule sponsored ads. Getting out in the first positions of the search engine is key for any company, since users tend to select from the first three results when they search for something on the Internet.

This solution not difficult to use in fact, with a little bit of knowledge you can program your own campaigns yourself. Of course, if you want something more professional, you are going to need some help, like the one provided by rankingCoach, which allows you to create an account and manage it, in a few seconds. With your 360 account, you can create professional ads in just 3 clicks; In this way, you will strengthen the digital presence of your business while simplifying the process, since rankingCoach eliminates any complications.

How to start?

If you prefer to do it manually, then first you have to open an account in Google Ads and set up your profile with information about your budget and business goals. To do this, you will need an email address and a website, but the latter is not essential, since Google allows you to make calls «Smart campaigns”, by default. Having your first advertising campaign ready will not take you more than 15 minutes.

This “smart” mode is one of two offered by Google Ads, the other being “expert” mode. The application has the first one by default, as we say, but if you gain some experience selling online you can switch to the expert way, and be able to do many more things. In any case, once you start using tools, you will be able to put your ads on:

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  • Seeker: You will create text ads with keywords and phrases that people often use on Google. This offers you the opportunity to appear in search results, just when your potential customers are most likely to buy. This type of advertising is often called PPC or paid search.
  • Graphics: Through the display platform you can place visual ads, such as banners or interstitials, on web pages that are part of the so-called Google Display Network. This reaches approximately 90% of digital users around the world, which means a very important potential audience.
  • shopping: To appear in ads and online commerce campaigns, you just have to link a feed of your products to your account and Google will show it to users whose searches match your products. Also, potential customers can buy directly from the ad.
  • Youtube: Since Google owns YouTube, all Ads campaigns are also enabled to appear in videos, thus multiplying your sales and exposure options.

How rankingCoach can help you with Google Ads

Thanks to technological advances, today, Google Ads can be done with three simple clicks with tools like rankingCoach. Is about a simple platform that automates the daily tasks you would need to do to keep your Google Ads campaign active.

With it you will be able to edit and create ads, manage the daily budget to your liking and make other changes, such as the location or target a more specific campaign. All this is thinking so that maximize your results, but with the least possible time and complications.

In addition to the day to day, the platform includes a very detailed tutorial for the most novice. if you look here, you will see that it is very easy to start making your first ad or edit it. Today, it is very important to have a reliable tool that accompanies us in the initial process or, above all, when problems arise.

In short, Google Ads is a very necessary tool if you want to get your business off the ground. It’s not difficult to use, but it’s clear that a small business owner has less time, so they’re going to need help getting started and understanding how online advertising works.

With rankingCoach 360 you will be able to monitor your website, your digital reputation and the performance of your competitors on the Internet, generate and launch smart Google ads in 3 clicks, work on your SEO with step-by-step video tutorials and automatically appear in directories most relevant online. Open your account here and take your company to the next level!

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