Does Netflix tremble ?: Disney Plus and HBO Max join forces to grow their catalogs

Before the fire nation called Disney had as many licenses and agreements as the ones it has right now, it depended on reaching out to other TV channels and providers, one of them being HBO. However, all this changed after the arrival of the current streaming platforms, leaving little or no possibility of watching content from another platform on Disney.

However, it seems that the trade war has been stronger and therefore companies like HBO are making contracts with companies in the same industry that are dedicated to creating content for their channels and platforms. Recently, a contract, valid until 2022, that involves material from 20th Century Fox.

More content coming to HBO Max

According to these documents, the first production that will appear in HBO, Property of 20th Century Fox and therefore of Disney, it will be the animated adventure Ron makes mistake that premiered in theaters a few weeks, once it finishes its appearance on the big screen it will be available on the channels and platforms of this company.

This contract will conclude until end of 2022, For this reason, it is still expected that next year, more productions from other streaming platforms will reach HBO. Although at the moment, Disney has not spoken on the subject, although everything indicates that it will be only one more year that it will share its contents with other streaming services.

This is an unconventional and unprecedented deal in the midst of what is now called the “streaming war.” In just a period of a couple of years and also driven by the changes brought by the pandemic and the dynamics of confinement, suddenly the exhibition via streaming platforms consumable from any type of comfort chosen by the user, became the model business for the film and television of the new century. – Cinema Premier

These contracts have also revealed other platforms such as Hulu, and mention has been made of content such as free guy, the French chronicle that has become a trend in recent months, as well as other stellar content that should soon arrive on HBO.

According to reports from the Variety medium, HBO Max will have in its hands the list of films from Fox For the past year, however, it is likely that after concluding this agreement, Disney in the future will keep all 20th Century Studios films exclusively on its own streaming media.


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