Does The Batman have a post-credits scene?

batman It finally opens in theaters this afternoon. And, as with any superhero movie, whether it’s Marvel or DC, you’re probably wondering if this new installment starring Robert Pattinson has or does not have said scene. Should we stay or should we not stay at the cinema once the film is over?

So… is it worth staying in the cinema?

Well, sadly, there is no scene as such —but there is a novelty, so keep reading a little more—. While Marvel almost always adds a couple of post-credits scenes, the same does not happen with batmanwhich follows a path similar to that of Man of Steel (2013) or joker (2019). This decision may be due to a couple of issues. The first is that they don’t want to make any progress on another future DC Comics movie or simply consider batman as one more work of worship and, therefore, does not need such a scene once the film.

So if by the end of the three hours of footage you’re dying to go to the bathroom, feel free to go. Yes, there is a small detail that appears during the end of the credits that is not a scene as such, it could give us a little plus from information about the future batman.

This is the “post-credits scene” of The Batman

the batman riddle winged rat

Well, the small addition that the ending of The Batman has is closely related to the plot of the film, so we will try to address the issue very lightly so that you do not take a spoilers before going to the movies.

Throughout the footage of batmanMatt Reeves unfolds the dark story of how Bruce Wayne wants to take down Gotham’s latest villain: the Enigma, played by Paul Dano. Without going into more details, batman isn’t going to give you the typical 30 second post-credits shot, but rather a riddle to solve.

Right at the end of the credits, the cinema screen will flicker and will show the question mark cursor of the villain. Next, he will invite us to leave with a “Good bye”, politely indicating that there is no post-credits scene in the film. However, the screen will now start to flicker at high speed. If you are not prone to seizures and pay attention, you will see a projected URL. The website is

If you enter this website, you will see the Enigma interrogation again and you will be able to interact with the application based on commands in the purest MS-DOS style. This “interactive post-credits scene» is aimed at people who have seen the movie, so you’d better not gut the content from the web. If you don’t want to wait to see all the credit titles, the most sensible thing is save the url on your mobile and open the web once the film ends. Also, it’s not entirely easy to see the URL between the blinks, so you may stay in the theater and not see the address.

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