Does the iPhone 12 speaker fail you? Apple changes it for free

There can always be problems with the iPhone speaker derived from various causes, mostly due to having taken a hit, being submerged in water or the like. However, this is not happening with some iPhone 12 models, which can be affected by a factory defect that, evidently, exonerates the user of having made a bad use. Here we tell you more details so that, if you are in this position, Apple can change it for free.

What are the iPhones that are affected?

As detailed by Apple at the end of last week, there are some units of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro that are being affected by a problem with the speaker. Distorted sounds, volume too low and even inability to reproduce any kind of audio. There may be several symptoms that the affected user may notice, but as long as this device has been manufactured between October 2020 and April 2021.

Not many units are affected as has been known, although the period of time that includes the manufacture of these means that it can be anyone and anywhere in the world. However, enough cases have been reported that Apple has had to take action and open a new repair program that will not incur any cost to the user.

This is how the free repair program works

If you suspect that your iPhone 12/12 Pro is one of the devices affected by this problem, you will only have to contact Apple in the same way as you would in any other case. It is advisable that you request an appointment at an Apple Store or SAT, having at your disposal a good list of establishments if you are in Spain.

Once you go to your appointment, you should explain to the professional who attends you what are the problems you have noticed. Afterwards, a diagnosis of the terminal will be carried out in order to clarify the failure and, if it is found that the failure is due to the aforementioned factory defect, they will offer you the possibility of repairing it completely free of charge. Depending on the case, they could even give you a reconditioned phone identical to yours and fully functional, although this is usually less common.

Regarding the time it will take cannot say too much, since it is still a repair like any other. As it does not require too much complexity for professionals and taking into account that they surely have stock of parts, they could give it to you the same day. If they did not have stock, it was already late or the technical service would be very busy, since it could take a little longer. In any case, you could check the status of the iPhone repair at all times to see how it is progressing.

Apple Genius Bar Technical Service

If it is finally determined that the iPhone is not affected by this problem that we have been discussing, the company will also offer you a solution in the form of a repair. Of course, in this case you would have to pay it for being out of warranty. But do not worry, because if you are sure that the device has not received any blow or anything similar, it is practically certain that the failure is due to this manufacturing defect.

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