Does the PC case also protect against power surges?

The power surges they are one of the biggest enemies of electronic components, and especially of the PC. For this reason, the power supply -responsible for distributing power to the PC components- usually has protection systems for it, but is it the only one responsible? The pc case Doesn’t it also protect against power surges? Let’s find out.

Generally, PC cases are made of metallic materials, almost always of SPCC steel and plastic but often also of aluminum. As metals, they are conductors of electricity to a greater or lesser extent, and this may lead one to think that they can become a active protection element against power surges.

No, the box does not protect your PC against power surges

Well, we have to tell you that no, the PC box has nothing to do with the protection systems against power surges in the PC, not even passively. And that it’s not bad at allbecause all the electricity that enters the PC does so through the power supply, which -after a series of conversion processes, stabilization, etc.- distributes it to the rest of the PC’s components through sealed cables (this means that it does not they should have no leak, and if they did, what we are going to tell you next would occur).

This means that under no circumstances should power reach the PC case (unless there is a shunt or problem with the power supply or other component, in which case a short circuitand for this the power supplies also have a specific protection system), and therefore the box does not even have the opportunity to protect you against power surges or anything like that.

Some of you may think that, perhaps, the PC box can act as a ground connection, but the reality is that this is also an exclusive function of the power supply, so the box does not have any active function here either. Of course, if for example you have static electricity on the body and, when you touch the box, it gives you a small spark, the most normal thing is that nothing happens because most boxes have rubber feet and that static electricity will be discharged without any consequence.

Effective protection against power surges

As we explained to you a moment ago, the box does not actively or passively affect electrical protection, since the main thing in charge of this is the power supply, as long as it is of good quality and has all the desirable protections. (virtually all, including the OEM, already have all the protections).

Gigabyte P750M source

However, if you don’t want to rely solely on the power supply to protect your PC from electrical problems, there are additional devices you can plug into the circuit, such as a good protection strip to which to plug the PC and other devices, or even a UPS which will also protect you from power surges.

It is up to you, but of course if you live in an area where there are usually thunderstorms, or if the electrical installation of your house is not in very good condition, it is highly recommended to take additional measures and not depend solely on the power supply to protect your PC.

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