Does the rebellion of the machines start? They create robots capable of “reproducing”

The fear of many conspiranoids seems to be about to become reality, for scientists from the Universities of Vermont, Tufts and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University created a series of robots, or rather xenobotyes, what are capable of self-reproduction; they are made from living frog embryo cells.

And although it seems the beginning of the rebellion of the machines, as in Terminator, the experts maintained that this is a completely new form of biological reproduction: “People have thought For a long time that we have discovered all the ways that life can reproduce or replicate. But this is something that has never been observed before, “noted biologist Douglas Blackiston.

How do these robots reproduce?

The experts detailed, in a statement, that the “bio robots” find individual cells, gather them in their ‘mouth’ and soon after they obtain new identical xenobots and once they are released they repeat the process. “With the right design, they will replicate spontaneously“said scientist Joshua Bongard.

In this regard, Sam Kriegman, the lead author of the new study, explained that parent xenobots (in the shape of Pac-Man) have been reproduced in several generations. “We have the complete and unaltered frog genome,” said biologist Michael Levin, “but he gave no indication that these cells can work together in a new task of gathering separate cells and turning them into functional autocopies,” he added, but this means that still they are not aware of what they can do, So conspiranoids can rest easy.

What represents a risk is the next pandemic; accelerate damage to the ecosystem caused by pollution; intensifying the threats of climate change. This is an ideal system for studying self-replicating systems. We have a moral imperative to understand the conditions under which we can control it, direct it, turn it off, exaggerate it, “said scientist Bongard.


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