Does This Deleted Scene From The Batman Confirm There Will Be A Sequel?

As we already said back in the day, batman It had no post-credits scene. Instead, and somewhat following the game of events narrated in the film, Matt Reeves invited us to visit, that website that is quite important in the plot. At the time, some users entered said website and discovered extra information about the film. Little by little, Warner Bros has been adding more and more information to ratalada.comuntil the day has finally come. Now yes, we have a post-credits scene in conditions.

The Joker was questioned during the movie, but we didn’t see him in batman

If you have come this far, we assume that you have already gone to the cinema to see batman. If you have not done it yet, we warn you that, obviously, it is a bit complicated to tell this without letting go of some spoilersso continue reading only at your own risk.

As we could see near the end of the film, Enigma ends up behind Arkam’s bars after executing his plan point by point. There he has a conversation with another buzzed character cell neighbor whom he seems to know, and that surely had to be the Joker, played by Barry Keoghan. The cameo was quite brief, but for a few days, it was rumored that Matt Reeves had filmed a full scene. And, finally, the scene has been made public.

In the scene, which lasts about five minutes, we can see Batman questioning the Joker while he investigates the identity of Riddler, back in the middle of the film.

If you have stood out for something batman it’s for the faithful adaptation that Matt Reeves has made of the comics. And in this Joker scene, this pattern repeats itself. A much darker character is shown, full of cuts, with a head full of gaps and with multiple burns. This would be a reference to the comics of The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Alan Davis, which is told through a flash back that the origin of this character’s scars is that he fell into a vat of acid. However, since the character is crazy, he always explains his past by inventing a new story, so we as viewers will never know what really happened.

Will we have the Joker in the sequel to batman?

Everything seems to indicate that the Joker will be the villain of the second part of this new Batman starring Pattinson. However, the cameo at the end of the film and this deleted scene are not going to condition Matt Reeves, who has already commented that we could see Two-Face and Mr. Freeze in the next installment. In fact, at the beginning of the film, just when we see Batman for the first time, there is a small detail that invites us to think that Two-Face will be the next villain we see in Gotham.

Therefore, it is possible that this scene that we have seen with the Joker has been made for pure love of art, and that we will not see the character until a hypothetical third part of TheBatman.

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