Does Warzone’s anti-cheat system work?

Video games are for many another method of entertainment. But for others, a shooting or strategy game is a competition. This is what ElXokas tried to explain in that first viral video in which he told us that for him, games are not games. And one of the biggest problems with playing online is the cheaters. Users who use programs to alter games and illegally take advantage. A video game that wants to succeed online has to get rid of this scourge very quickly. Otherwise, players will flee in terror from that title so as not to waste their precious time. war zone has been, since its launch, a territory full of cheaters. However, Infinity Ward and Raven Software claim that their anti cheat system it is being a success. It is true?

Ricochet Anti-Cheat bounces off its own creators

Ricochet Anti-Cheat is the software that uses Call of Duty: Warzone to watch over the cheaters. According to its official bulletin, this program has a multitude of improved research processes that reinforce the video game code to prevent reverse engineering. They also ensure that the program is installed on the PC at the level of kernel. In this way, Ricochet has all the necessary administrator permissions to see if there is any type of malicious process that alters the correct functioning of Warzone.

From time to time, the official Call of Duty website publishes press releases with the improvements that this app has apparently experienced. anti cheat engine. In fact, according to the Warzone developers themselves, after applying this program, the number of battle royale cheaters has dropped drastically. The players of the title are also convinced that it is so. However, there are those who think that everything is a hoax.

Dr Disrespect He has not cut a hair when it comes to commenting on Ricochet. The streamer Californian has been campaigning for years against the auto-aiming systems that are applied in some titles when playing with a controller, since he considers it unfair with respect to those who use a mouse and keyboard. Therefore, it is obvious that he has an even worse opinion of users who do traps with cheat.

A lie to keep cheaters away?

Warzone Ricochet

According to him streamer, Ricochet Anti-Cheat is a complete farce. He thinks it doesn’t work at all, and doesn’t have enough power to stop cheaters in Warzone. What has worked according to this content creator is the public relations campaign What Activision and Warzone developers have done hyping Ricochet.

The popular streamer on Twitch thinks Ricochet is the biggest public relations scandal in the video game industry. If it has served for something, it is for deter cheaters making them believe that they can catch them. However, seeing that the game continues to have users who do what they want, Dr. Disrespect is clear that everything we have been told about this engine could be a lie.

However, all this strategy, added to the entire marketing campaign they are doing, seems to be paying off. Currently, it seems that the Call of Duty brand is recovering from the bottomless pit into which he was falling.

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