Does WinZip have an official app in the Microsoft Store?

One of the main bets of the Windows system developer for a few years now is its official store, the Microsoft Store. In fact, for this reason, important changes have been made to it in the new Windows 11 system. Many programs are coming to the store, and now we are going to see if we can find the popular WinZip compressor.

The truth is that in Windows 10 the Microsoft Store has not been very successful or accepted by most users. All this despite the efforts of the company so that its hundreds of millions of customers use it to download applications. It is precisely for this reason that they wanted to radically change this component of the system in the new Windows 11. And we are not only talking about changes at an aesthetic or design level.

One of the most important and striking decisions to be implemented here has been the arrival of conventional programs also known as Win32. This means that little by little we can download some of the applications that we normally download from their official websites from the Microsoft Store. There is no doubt that this is an interesting addition that will convince many more users to use this element. In fact, this is the case in which we want to focus on these same lines.

The file compression and decompression sector has many software solutions. But one of the most important and used for years is the aforementioned WinZip. Hence, we may wonder if we can download this software from the official Windows store.

How to download WinZip from the Windows Store

Well, at this point we will tell you that just as it is happening with some other conventional applications or Win32, from now on WinZip is already available in this section. We tell you all this because recently WinZip 25 Pro has appeared in the form of a classic Win32 app in the new Windows 11 system store. This means that regular users of this file compressor will now be able to download the program directly in Windows.

In fact, we can safely say that this classic WinZip Win32 app is one of the first to take advantage of the new Microsoft Store policies in Windows 11. This is something that has been largely achieved thanks to renowned software firm corel. This is the company behind WinZip that has released its classic app in the new system store. We must bear in mind that the app uses its own installer and offers us a trial version so that, if we are interested, we can buy the license later.

Thus, fulfilling its promise, Microsoft is allowing some important classic applications to arrive in the new Windows 11 store. WinZip is good proof of all this, especially if we take into account that it is a benchmark in the file compression sector. In fact, new applications of this caliber are expected to arrive in the Microsoft Store over time. To download this element we only have to write its name in the aforementioned Windows store.

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