Does your PS4 give you problems? Here are the solutions for this console

Recommendations so that your PS4 does not fail, but if it does, here are the solutions

Before starting with our guide, we don’t have to tell you that having the console in good condition is very important. And as a first recommendation, keep it clean and have it in a place where it can cool well, so do not keep it in a drawer and always make sure that the ventilation outlets are not covered. We say this by the fact that The red light issue on PS4 is due to poor console ventilation.

The second recommendation that we make is that you acquire a USB pendrive to dedicate it exclusively to console updates and maintenance. Think that you may find that due to a system error the updates have not been installed properly and end up producing unexpected effects that could become not very pleasant.

The third and last recommendation is to do a complete power cycle to the console from time to time, to do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Turn off the console completely, to do this, hold the power button for seven seconds.
  2. Disconnect all cables including the power cable
  3. Press the power button for 30 seconds and then let your PS4 rest for 2 minutes.
  4. Reconnect the cables and turn the console back on as normal.

Make sure to do this periodically.

The blue light of death on PlayStation 4

PS4 Blue Light Problem

Users with a SONY PS4 fear one color above any other, one that in many cases can mean a visit from the grim reaper to their console and this is when the front LED of the console turns blue. When this happens, the console is informing you that there is a serious problem in the system, to the point where returning the console to factory settings will not solve it, as it is a problem directly related to the hardware and not the firmware that Let’s keep it updated on the PS4.

However, it depends on the origin of the problem, the error can be solved before sending the console to technical service, that is why we are going to give a few solutions for the most common and representative faults.

Your PS4 problems could be with your TV and HDMI ports

Broken HDMI port

Televisions today are computers in themselves, since they use smartphone hardware to work, which often leads to problems of lack of audio and video signal that the console ends up recognizing as its own. So try testing your PS4 with another screen and if you see that it works on the second monitor then think about updating the firmware on your main TV. If you don’t have a second TV, you can try a PC monitor.

By the way, be sure to check the status of the HDMI ports, both on the console and the TV, and the health of the cables. Although the problem of the audio-video signal should not be due to having the wrong HDMI cable, it must be taken into account that this can send an erroneous signal to the console’s display controller that can lead to think that there is an internal problem.

Check the power supply of your PS4

PS4 power supply removed

The fact that PlayStation 4 has an internal power supply is a blessing in the face of space, however it may be that this is the one that fails and has problems, where in this case it is best to buy it.

To do this, press the on / off button on your PS4 for at least seven seconds or until the system makes a double beep, at which point it will turn off permanently. Once this is done, disconnect the power cable and check that the port is in working order. In the event that you continue to have suspicions that it is the internal power supply and your console is out of warranty, you can choose to disassemble it and replace it with a new one, but be careful, as there are different models of PlayStation 4.

Your PS4’s internal hard drive may be broken

PS4 hard drive change problems

PlayStation 4 uses a 2.5-inch SATA disk to store games and it is possible that the problem comes from its health, so we recommend that you replace it with a new one.

You can opt for an official hard drive, but if you don’t trust the mechanical elements of these, what you can do is opt for a SATA SSD as storage. In any case, the performance differences are not very great between the two types of storage units. Many of those who experience this problem already have a good collection of games and that is why we recommend replacing it with the 2 TB model.

Your PS4 problems could come from the controller

Dual Shock 4
It is possible that the problems do not come from your console, but from the health of the Dual Shock 4 and therefore you have to reconfigure it. How to do it? Simple.

  1. Press and hold the PlayStation button on your controller until the light on the controller turns orange.
  2. Press the same button again until it turns white.
  3. If the process goes well then your PS4 would immediately start without problems with the controller already synced. If this does not happen, think that you will have to buy a new Dual Shock 4 or an equivalent control for your console.

Problems with the original PS4 disc reader

PS4 disc ejection problems

One of the problems that PS4 has is the fact that the console reader often comes out defective and no discs fit in it, so it starts to eject the games as soon as they are put in, while others do not want to let go of the game they have. inside the reader and therefore their ejection does not work.

This is a problem that is not found on the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, but it is found on the original model of the console. What is the origin of the problem? It seems that a piece of rubber is what helps to eject the disc, so if the console is overheated, the rubber piece swells, which causes the disc to be ejected. If you have one of these problems, contact SONY so they can solve the error, although try placing the console vertically in case it does not eject the disc in that position.

The problem of the game stuck in the reader is more complex and you will need to remove the game manually. To do this, completely turn off the console with the process of holding the power button for seven seconds, also make sure to disconnect the power cable and the rest of the cables from the console to perform the game extraction operation, which you can find in the SONY’s official website so do not worry if you have to do it, since it will not void the warranty.

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