Dolphin, the Wii and Gamecube emulator comes to Steam

Great news for emulator lovers. The developers of Dolphin have announced through their blog that the application It will officially arrive on Steam, thus allowing all PC gamers to download the tool from the Valve store. What does this imply?

An emulator in an app store

Dolphin comes to Steam

The arrival of Dolphin Emulator on Steam is a big step for the application itself. Being available at the click of a button for millions of users is a gigantic achievement, so the joy of its creators, who started the project without great aspirations, is enormous.

In any case, Dolphin has always been quite accessible, and without going any further, on the Steam Deck, it is easy to install the application with the help of EmuDeck, a suite that takes care of everything. However, those only interested in Wii and GameCube will now find the most practical way to bring the emulator to their library.

But we will have to wait

Unfortunately things in the Valve mansion are going very slowly, and although they already have the ok to publish the application, Dolphin Emulator will not be available for download until the middle of this year, during the second quarter. It will be there when we can finally download the application and fill it with games. But…

It is illegal?

You will be able to play with GameCube emulators on the Steam Deck.

The application as such it’s not illegal. It is a tool that takes advantage of a computer’s hardware to improve the original console experience. ROMs are needed, and their distribution is what goes beyond legality. That is why the application comes without games. Users must have the original copies of their games, and from there use backup copies with Dolphin.

The advantages of emulating

Dolphon emulator

The advantages that Dolphin offers are many, since to begin with, the games can run at higher resolutions than the original, being able to play on 4K screensuse modern controls and even apply mods to achieve different effects, such as playing in panoramic format, and even adding extra levels to the games.

We can also export and import saved games, take screenshots, apply high-resolution texture packs, and much more. In short, there are no limits to emulators of this type, which is why there are many enthusiasts who find additional options in these solutions to make the most of their favorite platform.

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