Dominate the court with these tennis games for PC and consoles

Best tennis games: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, …

As we mentioned, in this list we have wanted to collect some of the more striking and relevant titles dedicated to this sport for the main platforms. In this way, below we show you the title of each one of them, along with a small description of each one and, of course, where you can play it.

And if you are a lover of classics, read this article to the end, because then we will show you some very interesting collection of games to remember old times.

Tennis elbow 4

The game Tennis elbow 4 It is one of the most popular in the entire industry and the successor to Elbow that came out in 20013. This is considered one of the most realistic titles in the history of tennis games.

It has different difficulty modes and a large number of famous players that we can enjoy along 9 different types of tracks (clay, grass, hard, synthetic, NewLine synthetic, etc.), each with its peculiarities at the level of playability. It also has an online competition mode and a large modding community to fuel the possibilities.

Available platforms:

Ultimate Tennis

As the first title dedicated to mobile platforms we have this Ultimate Tennis available for Android and IOS. A game with good graphics and playability, without much difficulty in terms of controls. We can play with famous people from this sport or create our own to compete through a large number of countries and playing courts.

Available platforms:

Tennis World Tour 2

Another super interesting title, and that is available on practically all platforms, is Tennis World Tour 2. The second installment of this family that will allow us to play with the best tennis players in the world or even create our own character. We can play singles or doubles, with much more animations and realism than we have experienced before.

This title includes a career mode that has become so popular, in which we will have to guide our tennis player throughout his sports career by selecting your staff, equipment, sponsors and all the important decisions of the season.

Available platforms:

Mario Tennis Aces

If you have one of the Nintendo Switch you can enjoy this Mario Tennis Aces. In this title you will take to the track with the popular plumber to dominate it and ready to face whoever it is to defeat him. In its story mode we will have to overcome missions, challenges, boss fights and much more on the tennis court.

Available platforms:

AO Tennis 2

Lovers of this sport will also be able to choose AO Tennis 2 as their favorite game on different platforms. Here we can create a tennis player in our image and likeness to lead him to the success of his career on the court against images such as Rafael Nadal, Ash Barty, Angelique Kerber and many other professionals. We can even recall legendary matches in the new game modes that it includes, or develop our own challenges.

Available platforms:

Tennis Manager 2021

However, if your thing is to be the professional’s coach, with Tennis Manager 2021 You will take your tennis academy step by step, scheduling training sessions, changing techniques and game plans, planning matches or even discovering who could be the professionals of the future.

Available platforms:

Classic tennis games

Finally, in this section we wanted to recall old times with some of the most classic titles of this type of game. These were the true forerunners of the titles we play today.

Atari PONG (1972)

One of the most legendary titles in the entire history of tennis is the PONG which came with the Atari console in 1972. The gameplay was based on this two-dimensional screen with a hatched line that defined the middle of the playing field. Then, those in charge of passing the small square ball as a pixel were two small bars that moved perpendicular to the center of the field. If the ball passed behind any of these bars a point would go up on the opponent’s scoreboard.

Despite its simplicity, this title was an absolute success, especially when it made the leap from the Atari to the arcades, allowing many more users to play.

Match point

Although the previous title was clearly a video game dedicated to this sport, the one that is considered the first tennis game is the Match point. A title that came in 1984 for the ZX Spectrum.

It was the first to print a wave of realism to the gameplay, with a track through which our character and his opponent slipped. Although we could only hit the ball with a single button, depending on when we did it, our character’s hit was different. And without forgetting that there were 3 levels of difficulty that we could configure when playing against the machine.

Virtua Tennis

Finally, we want to recall one of the best known and most played titles in history by tennis lovers. It is, of course, the Virtua Tennis, which was developed to play on PC in 2002.

Their graphics were the most realistic seen to date and, in addition, they embodied professional tennis players of the moment with whom we could later play. It had a World Tour mode with which we had to progress with our character throughout his career, an exhibition mode or even an online multiplayer mode. Each and every character had different abilities and the character’s ball or glide was different on each type of track.

If you want to play these titles again you will have to do it through emulators and ROMs. If you have no idea what they are about or how to use them, you should take a look at our video tutorials. In them we explain how to install them on various devices such as your Smart TV or your own Android mobile:

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