Dominate Twitch with these chat commands

When we talk about traditional social networks, names like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok or Snapchat come to mind. Although recently Twitch or YouTube They seem to be gaining more impact. And it is that although the main objective of these platforms is streaming and passive consumption of content, we can find an interactivity that allows viewers to interact with each other, as well as with the host.

However, these streaming platforms seem to have more and more features beyond the video content itself, such as Twitch, with an ever-increasing assortment of commandscoming in many cases to go unnoticed by users.

From sending whispers, changing the color of our name, voting quickly in polls or hosting other people’s broadcasts, to some specific functions of moderation and control of the broadcast such as blocking the chat temporarily, activating somo mode emojis, set moderators or VIP users, and even show some links of interest, are just some of the many options available.

That is why we wanted to make this small compilation with some of the most useful Twitch commands and their basic descriptionswhich we can use equally while watching a broadcast or while we are broadcasting on our own channel.

Free Twitch Commands

/@[usuario] Mention someone in a public message. This will highlight the message for the user mentioned in your chat
/block [usuario] Block the appearance of all chat messages from a user in our chat
/Colour [color] Change the color of your username. If we are Twtich Turbo users, we can insert a hexadecimal value
/gift [número] Give away a random number of subscriptions among users connected to a channel
/I [texto] It is used to denote actions in the third person. The command removes the colon after our name and puts the message in italics
/mods Show all channel moderators
/ vips Shows all VIP members of the channel
/vote Vote in the current poll
/w [usuario] [texto] Send a private message to another user
/disconnect Disconnect and close the open channel

Twitch Commands for Moderatorscommercial

/clear Delete all messages in chat
/emoteonly Users can only send emotes as messages
/emoteonlyoff Disable “emoteonly” mode
/followers or /followers [tiempo] Restrict the chat to followers-only mode. Optionally, a time duration can be specified
/followersoff Deactivate the “followers” ​​mode
/subscribers or /followers [tiempo] Restrict chat to subscribers-only mode. Optionally, a time duration can be specified
/subscribersoff Disable subscribers mode
/uniquechat Prevents users from posting copied and pasted messages. Only handwritten text is allowed
/uniquechatoff Disable uniquechat mode
/poll Create a poll
/endpoll End a survey
/deletepoll Delete a poll
/requests Open the Channel Points request queue
/slow [tiempo] Limit the speed at which users can send messages within the chat
/slowoff Turn off “slow” mode
/user [usuario] Allows you to set private annotations on a user, as well as view their chat and moderation history
/display [usuario] Enables monitoring of a user’s messages
/unmonitor [usuario] Turn off monitor mode
/ban [usuario] Permanently ban a user from chat
/unban [usuario] Deactivate the “ban” mode of a user
/restrict [usuario] Restricts a user’s ability to send messages
/unrestricted [usuario] Deactivate the “restrict” mode of a user
/timeout [usuario] [tiempo] Temporarily prohibits a user from using chat. It has a default value of 10 minutes, but you can specify a length of time

Twitch Commands for Editors

/commercial Start an advertising content (as long as the channel is an affiliate or partner)
/goal Set a subscriber or follower goal
/host [canal] Host the content of another live channel
/unhost Stop hosting someone on the channel
/marker [texto] Adds a stream marker at the current time, with an optional description
/ prediction Prediction Management Menu
/RAID [canal] Migrate viewers to another channel
/unraid Cancel viewer migration

Twitch commands for streamers

/mod [usuario] Grant a user the moderator role
/unmod [usuario] Remove the moderator role from a user
/ vip [usuario] Grant a user the VIP user role
/unvip [usuario] Remove the VIP user role from a user
/ rules Show channel rules in chat

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