Donald Trump announces his new social network: TRUTH Social

Donald Trump’s relationship with social networks is undoubtedly between fascinating and grotesque. Since his expulsion from the main networks, as a result of the attempted coup in the US Capitol on January 6, the former president has not ceased in his criticism and attacks on the services that chose to expel him, and in these ten months he has already been They have produced several approaches to the Internet, direct or indirect, although up to now the fruit of these has been somewhat limited.

His first attempt was the From the Desk of Donald J. Trump website, a blog that came to light at the beginning of May, but due to the lack of success obtained during its first weeks, it was closed when he was not even one month old. Something understandable, well the blog model did not match at all with Donald Trump’s communication model on social media. Accustomed to short and intense messages, the lectures that he shared on his blog during May probably did not adapt to the preferences of his followers.

Shortly after, in July, GETTR arrived, a clone of Twitter (it even allowed to import the message history from this network), only with fewer functions and the occasional security problem. Actually, Donald Trump was not directly related to GETTRIn other words, the former president did not get involved in the project, although some of his collaborators did, who from the outset played with the speculation of whether the former president would join the service, something that ultimately did not happen.

In between, Nor has it given up its attempts to return to the networks, more specifically to Twitter, in which he was more active and with which, for years, he has maintained a love-hate relationship that is reflected in his criticisms of the service, in addition to the fact that it became his main communication platform. Never, until Donald Trump, would we have imagined a president using a social network as the main communication channel. For better or worse.

And it is that practically coinciding with the launch of GETTR, Donald Trump denounced Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, thus demonstrating once again the importance it attaches to these media. Something that, as we learned only a few weeks ago, is reissued with a new complaint, this in the state of Florida, trying to take advantage of a law that was passed in that state at the beginning of the year, but that has subsequently faced objections that have caused it to be inactive at this time.

However, it does not seem that Donald Trump has much hope that his access to Twitter will be restored, which is why we learned today that The former US president, now, is going to launch his own social network, TRUTH Social, which also, according to the statement, which comes from the hand of a recently established company, Trump Media & Technology Group, with which Donald Trump points to more projects related to communication.

While the service will not fully open until sometime in 2022, It has also been announced that TRUTH Social will begin to open in beta sometime in November, although at the moment no more information has been revealed on how this test program will be opened.

What has transpired, a few hours after the announcement, is that there was already a domain that offered unrestricted access to the service, a finding that after being disseminated through networks, has been used to access and create accounts that set the personalities that everyone will expect to find in it. For example, one of the first accounts created was @realDonaldTrump, that is, the one used by Donald Trump on Twitter. Others have also been created such as @DonaldJTrump , @DonaldTrump, which have been quickly disseminated through Twitter.

However, this first “attack” on TRUTH Social did not last long, since their managers have proceeded to deactivate the accounts created, and at this time the link that has allowed access to the service is no longer operational. However, and given the interest that these types of accounts arouse, the most advisable thing is that the real Donald Trump makes sure to create his own account, and the same with respect to the rest of politicians, communicators, advisers, etc., whose presence is takes for granted in the service. And it is that, otherwise, what today could have been just a test of what could happen when the network opens to the public, even in the beta phase.

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