Donald Trump will sell NFTs in his tribute for more than 400,000 euros

Donald Trump is about to put on sale a collection of NFTs in his own tribute. Estimated at more than 400,000 euros, the collection of digital works represents the key moments of the billionaire’s presidency.

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In a statement posted on his Twitter account, Melania Trumpthe former first lady of the United States, announced the sale of a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) in tribute to the presidency of her husband, the controversial donald trump. The announcement was also relayed on Parler, the conservative social network which rallies many supporters of the billionaire.

The collection will include “ten original digital artworks, showcasing iconic moments from the Trump presidency, like the 4th of July visit to Mount Rushmore and Christmas at the White House”explains the press release.

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Donald Trump will launch 10,000 NFTs bearing his image

10,000 digital works will be sold at a unit price of 50 dollars. The value of the complete collection will reach 500,000 dollars, or 440,000 euros. “Of course, collectors can make multiple purchases to own the entire POTUS Trump collection”encourages Melania Trump in the press release.

All NFTs will be sold from Monday, February 21, 2022 through a dedicated website, All works will be revealed once the sale is over. “Collectors will enjoy an element of surprise, as no NFTs are revealed prior to purchase”boasts the press release.

On that day, Donald Trump will also post own social network, Truth Social. Excluded from Twitter and most platforms, the former president had sworn to offer an alternative to current solutions. To develop this alternative, guaranteed without any censorship, Donald Trump’s teams have recovered the code from Mastodon, the open-source alternative social network that promises to protect the privacy of its members.

For the record, this isn’t Melania Trump’s first foray into the world of NFTs. The former model has already launched two collections of digital works on the Solana blockchain. The second collection of NFT did not meet with the hoped-for success. In reaction, Melania Trump would have bought her own non-fungible tokens, say experts after analyzing transactions on the blockchain. She denies this and claims to have made the sale for a third-party buyer.

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