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We are reaching the final stretch of this month of July and it is that there is a little more than a week until the expected month of August arrives in which many have vacations. With this heat the truth is that we could have vacations all summer right… While the holidays arrive we are going to continue at the foot of the canyon with some of the Highlights of the week on I’m from MacThis week, even if it is summer, is quite full of news and news regarding the Apple world, we are going with them.

The first one is the one that shows us the most supportive face of Apple when a tragedy occurs anywhere in the world. In this case in Germany, Belgium and other Western European countries with the serious floods that have suffered this week. Apple will donate an amount of money to help those affected.

Beats Studio Buds

And totally changing the third, the Beats Studio Buds have already been on sale for a few days. The Cupertino company finally put these new headphones on sale in which they hope to sell a good handful of units.

The new version of watchOS 8 will add the option to allow the exercise application to generate audible information which can be heard through AirPods or other wireless headphones paired with the watch.


And to finish a reminder… Macs are not exempt from malware attacks. And this is demonstrated by the arrival of a new one to macOS users, in this case XLoader makes the leap from Windows to Mac so be careful what you download. Logically this does not mean that Macs are easily infected, it means that we have to be careful what we “install” on the Mac ..

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