DoNotSpy11 1.1, new version to improve Windows privacy

DoNotSpy11 1.1 is the new version of one of the best third-party tools for control windows privacy. A minor, but important revision, since it comes to support the latest versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11.

You already know that any current software collects more data than is desirable. Windows 10 was a real nonsense in this area and the initial configuration left the user “sold” before the massive collection of data and the lack of transparency and control. After the criticisms that came to talk about spywareMicrosoft promised to improve and implemented a clearer user interface including the most important privacy options in one place and with several levels to be chosen by the user, as well as a new control panel to manage privacy on the web.

This management requires a proactive intervention and, in addition, there are certain components that cannot be disabled with the system’s own options. Or at least not easily. Applications like Privatezilla help the user and the one that concerns us today is another one that we like.

DoNotSpy11 1.1

The main novelty of the version is the support for the latest versions Windows 11 22H2 Moments 2 and Windows 10 22H2, which were not supported until now. Its interface and operation is the same as the one we reviewed in this tutorial.

Don’t be fooled by its small size and apparent simplicity: It is very powerful and you have to know what you are doing. Like all software that modifies internal Windows elements, we recommend using restore points. The same application supports the manual creation of these points from the Actions menu.

From there, all the available settings are listed on the main interface. And they are not few. There are more than 140 functions related to privacy which can be managed. Settings are categorized from system items to apps, Edge browser, search, Defender antivirus, and even Windows Update.

DoNotSpy11 has a search that helps filter what is being searched for. There are quite a few settings enabled by default. Each one of them is assigned a color which provides security information. The blue settings are safe to use, while the red ones are not recommended for most users. The orange ones have additional texts with information and the gray ones highlight the changes since the last time the application was started.

In all cases, when you select a particular setting, the software provides a description with additional information about the functionality of the feature it controls. You know, if you want to control Windows telemetry this is one of the most powerful applications you will find. We strongly recommend you pre-create restore points in case something goes wrong to be able to revert the system to a previous point.

DoNotSpy11 1.1 | Download Windows 10 and 11 | Release Notes

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