Don’t be cold on the PC!

During the winter, those of us who have to work in front of the PC all day sometimes have a bit of a hard time because of the cold; and since having the heating on all day is not exactly cheap, many times we have to look for alternative solutions, such as a hand warmer. If this is your case, in this article we are going to talk about several hand warmers that are recharged by USB and that, furthermore, today they are offer to be able to buy them cheaper.

The operation of these devices is very simple: they have an internal battery that can be recharged via USB, and inside they house a series of resistors that heat up with the energy from the battery. Holding these devices with our hands, we can heat them quickly and also safely, since they all have security measures against overheating and, furthermore, very restrictive so that we never burn our hands. Let’s go see them.

Zippo HeatBank 9s, its top-of-the-range hand warmer

Zippo HeatBank 9s

Zippo is a brand known worldwide for its gasoline lighters, but in general they are also experts in systems that have to do with heat. Its HeatBank 9s incorporates a 5,200 mAh battery that gives it an autonomy of about 9 hours of use, and has resistors capable of heating the device up to 50ºC, although it is true that they have six heat settings to be able to put at the temperature we want. It also has the possibility of acting as a power bank, since if, for example, you connect your smartphone to it, you can recharge its battery.

At this time, you can find it on sale on Amazon Spain with an 11% discount.

JISULIFE NS03 hand warmer, with 9,000 mAh battery

Jisulife hand warmer

Ok, JISULIFE, Chinese brand, it’s true. But, what if we tell you that the manufacturer is actually called Shenzhen Jisu Technology and that it is one of the leading brands of fans and heating devices in the Asian country? Ok, it’s not Zippo, but believe us when we tell you that this one is a quality product.

This hand warmer incorporates a huge 9,000 mAh battery that gives it both 12 hours of autonomy and a good reserve to connect and charge the battery of your other devices. It incorporates a small LED screen that shows you the temperature, it is capable of reaching 60ºC, and it has three selectable temperature levels (60, 50 and 40 degrees).

In addition, it is also on sale at Amazon Spain, and you can take it with a €8 discount (when you enter the Amazon page, you just have to check the discount for it to be applied automatically).

Zippo HeatBank 6

Zippo HeatBank 6

This model, also from the famous American brand Zippo, is the mid-range of hand warmers. It is similar to the first one we saw, but with a more contemporary design, and it almost looks like a simple power bank. It has a 4,400 mAh battery that gives it an autonomy of up to 6 hours, it is capable of reaching 50ºC of heat, and it also has an adjustment to be able to change its temperature to our liking. Oh, and just like the previous ones, it also serves to charge the battery of other devices.

In this case, we can find it with a 9% discount on Amazon.

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