Don’t Be Fooled: Adobe Creative Cloud Myths You Should Know

One of the most important software suites worldwide is Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Through it, its users can access all kinds of graphic design programs, video editing, web designs and other services in the cloud. However, despite being tremendously well-known, there are users who, in general, have misconceptions about it that can lead to confusion.

Hoaxes and false information that we can find on the Internet is something that is the order of the day and that only serves to confuse other users. That is why today we are going to talk about the main myths that refer to the suite Adobe Creative Cloud.

Creative Cloud the powerful Adobe suite

When we talk about Creative Cloud we mean a service created by Adobe Systems. Through this it offers us a complete collection of applications and software related to the graphic and web design. These programs are focused on editing both audio and video, as well as cloud services. In order to use each of these programs, it would be necessary to checkout and pay for your license. Of course, each subscription can be contracted, which varies depending on the programs that we are going to need.

The list of software that is part of this powerful Adobe suite covers practically any of the creative needs that can have both home and professional users. That is why it is especially used by marketing professionals, such as photographers, illustrators or web designers. Some of its best known programs are “Photoshop CC” and “Elements”, “Premiere Pro”, “Illustrator”, “InDesign”, “Dreamweaver” among others. All of them are considered standard tools within the industry.

Despite the great popularity of this suite, there are also certain hoaxes or myths about it that can confuse many users and that should be banished so as not to lead to possible deception.

Main myths that you should ignore

Surely we have heard a lot about Adobe Creative Cloud both good and bad things. This is something interesting if they are based on the subjectivity of each user. The problem is that malicious hoaxes are spread by users who are unaware of both the suite and its operation and that can lead to confusion and misunderstanding for those users who are not familiar with the platform.

One of the most widespread myths is the one that places Creative Cloud as just an account exclusively cloud storage. This can mean that we may not be interested in using it because there are already other alternative services. Nothing could be further from the truth, since the Adobe suite is a complete collection of creative tools and software. Together with it, you get between 20 and 100 GB of storage space to synchronize and share files, but it is still just one of its features.

Another hoax that we have surely been able to hear refers to the fact that in order to use its applications it is necessary to be connected to the Internet, since they are executed from a web browser. This is completely false. Once we have the applications installed and running on our desktop, we will only need an Internet connection to renew the membership. In addition, none of the mentioned applications are based on the Web, since they are desktop products, downloadable and installable on our computer.

Funny this other myth that we can find, which refers to the fact that if we use computers with different operating systems such as MAC and PC it will be necessary buy two subscriptions so you can use it on every computer. This, in addition to not being true, collides with one of the best features of the Adobe suite, since it allows you to install the software on up to two computers.

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