Don’t buy a gaming GPU now, its price is finally stabilizing

It is no secret that the emergence of mining has turned the market for gaming graphics cards upside down, since it has turned what were consumer objects into means of capital production when used to mine cryptocurrencies. This caused the subjective value of graphics cards to rise as they became a direct means to get much more money than they are worth. This resulted in not only an over-demand for each of the graphics cards on the market, but also an innovation in their value that caused a huge price rise.

Because such an opportunity does not present itself twice, GPU manufacturers and assemblers began diverting the flow of their offering to miners, willing to pay a lot more money. An opportunity that they could not miss due to the fact that the momentum of it could fade quickly. Well, according to the latest data, the prices of graphics cards are falling compared to a few months ago and everything indicates that we are at the beginning of the end of the mining bubble.

The price of GPUs down in recent weeks

GPU price

The first information comes from the prestigious German website 3DCenter, who have carried out a study of the evolution of prices in the German and Austrian markets and have been able to see a curious evolution in the price of graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD in recent months. Data that have been compiled in a graph where you can see the difference in price at all times with respect to the MSRP, which is the equivalent of the recommended sale price and as you can see in it there has been a significant price drop in recent weeks .

In the month of May we have seen the introduction of the RTX 30 LHR by NVIDIA in conjunction with a drop in the value of cryptocurrencies are the sources that have caused the drop in the price of graphics cards for sale. Although graphics cards are still expensive, we have gone from a price of 304% of the MSRP to 150% in a few weeks. So it means that the price of gaming graphics cards has been cut in half, although they are still above the recommended retail price by both NVIDIA and AMD.

Despite this, it is not the best time to buy

RTX 30 RX 6000

Despite the fact that the price of GPUs is falling, however, the conclusion of the people of 3DCenter on the situation is worth considering.

Of course this means that the current street price for graphics cards is, for the most part, still exaggerated. And above all, this is the worst time to buy a graphics card. Because, and now this can be verified, the trend clearly points to lower prices for graphics cards in the coming weeks, since at a similar speed, street prices may be in sight (equivalent to the sale price recommended) in 3 to 4 weeks. It is possible that there is a certain slowing effect on the price movement lower.

If the trend continues like this in a month the price of GPUs will normalize. Which in theory is good, the problem comes in the next part of your conclusion:

Apparently sending quantities for the moment is sufficient, possibly the need is a little smaller due to the fact that it is summer, so sellers receive more cards than they can sell. Since sellers have bought their cards from dealers at an outrageous price. The game now is who and how are they going to get rid of an inventory of products in time to profit from them in the midst of a constant drop in prices.

That is, it has been the manufacturers and assemblers of graphics cards who have raised and dictated the price of the same in a fully controlled market. Which is normal, it does not make sense to sell a thing at a price so that the next link in the chain sells it much more expensive. That is money lost for them.

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