Don’t buy a gaming laptop now! An AMD GPU will outperform NVIDIA

The AMD RX 6700M was destined to compete against NVIDIA’s mid-range and upper-mid-range in such a tough segment of notebooks. Equipped with a Navi 22 chip although reduced in performance (the RX 6800M mounts the same die), it was to be expected a lower performance than this, but at the height of the RTX 3070 MaxQ?

The AMD RX 6700M for notebook surprises and arrives in three variants


The leaked evidence is very illuminating, but before we know it, let’s put ourselves in a situation. This GPU was accompanied by a Ryzen 9 5900HX, 16 GB of DDR4-3200 in single Rank and as already revealed AMD obtains 2304 Shaders, 2.3 GHz in Boost mode, a 160-bit bus to make a total of 10 GB of VRAM GDDR6 and the famous 80 MB of Infinity Cache.

The problem, as in NVIDIA, comes with the TDP. And it is that AMD has copied the diversification strategy of this value so that each manufacturer can choose which version suits them according to the dissipation and adjacent components that it includes.

Thus, this AMD RX 6700M will arrive in three different flavors with TDPs of 135 watts, 110 watts and 80 watts. That said, the data that we are going to see below corresponds to the 110 watt version, but the average consumption has been somewhat higher (130 watts on average). It should also be noted that its rival obtains only 80 watts as a limit figure, so the comparison is quite fair.

AMD surprises and defeats NVIDIA, change of trend in laptops?


According to the data shown, the AMD RX 6700M is no less than 9% faster than the RTX 3070 MaxQ, where it endorses up to 30% in a fetish game such as Hitman 2. It is true that it has 37.5% more than GAP in terms of stock power consumption and it is also true that the 80 watt version of this model would be the fairest comparison possible, CPUs and memory aside, but it shows that if the AMD GPU would not be faster by the minimum, they would surely be on par.

If we focus on 3DMark Time Spy the data is really even, since the NVIDIA graphics card achieves no less than 9854 points for the 9837 points of the AMD. Are we therefore in a supposed parity to equal consumption in terms of performance?


What we have been seeing from AMD, which is little, seems to indicate it, so those users who are thinking of buying a mid / high-end gaming laptop are likely to think twice before choosing an NVIDIA GPU, already that AMD is really strong with this RX 6000M range.

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