Don’t buy PLC devices if they don’t have this

The PLC devices they are a good option to improve the Internet connection. Its objective is to bring the connection from one place to another in the house and thus eliminate dead zones. They are normally made up of two devices: one of them is connected to the router and to electricity, while the other is plugged into another electrical outlet. Now, they are not all the same. In this article we are going to talk about some aspects that cannot be missing.

What cannot be missing in PLC devices

When we buy a PLC what we are looking for is to be able to surf the Internet with higher speed and to have better coverage. Therefore, it is not enough to buy any device that we see on the Internet. And the truth is that the difference between one and the other can be quite large. You should look closely at some things and not buy PLC if they do not have these features.

Gigabit ports

A very important factor that many users do not take into account is that the PLCs have Gigabit ports. Normally, they bring at least one Ethernet port, but keep in mind that Fast Ethernet is not the same as Gigabit Ethernet. Ideally, it should be compatible with the latter.

Because it is important? If the PLCs have Fast Ethernet ports, the speed will be limited to 100 Mbps. You would not be able to take advantage of the maximum speed of fiber optics, since you would not be able to have more than that capacity. Instead, Gigabit means that you will be able to connect up to one 1Gbps speed. In those cases, you will be able to take advantage of all the performance of the fiber optic.

WiFi connection

You should also not buy PLCs that do not have Wi-Fi. There are models that only allow us to connect through Ethernet ports and, some, only wirelessly. Ideally, they have both options, but if you have to choose one that is compatible with wireless networks.

This is important since today most devices have Wi-Fi and this is how we connect to the network. Think, for example, of a mobile, tablet or electronic book. In these cases you will not be able to connect them via cable, but they will only work wirelessly. The same with many other IoT devices that you have at home.

good speed

Of course, don’t buy PLC devices that have a speed limited. The best thing is that they have great power, that they allow access to the Internet without problems, without limitations. Take a good look at these specifications and choose guaranteed devices that really take the connection from one place to another in good condition.

Here you will also find important differences between some models and others. Take time to choose which one best suits what you are looking for and see that the maximum Internet speed they support is good. This will allow you to connect your devices to the network without problems with loss of performance.

In short, these are some factors that you must take into account to buy a PLC. It is also important to see how to improve the speed of PLCs. You must take care of them and configure them properly to achieve optimal performance at all times.

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