Don’t download Windows 11 from anywhere, you risk installing malware

If you want to test Windows 11, be careful to download the OS from a trusted source. Many malware hides viruses and whatnot behind seemingly legitimate files.

The release of highly anticipated new software is always a golden opportunity for malicious hackers on the net. Windows 11 is no exception. Many malicious files pretending to be an update tool for Windows 11 circulate on the internet according to a Kaspersky analysis.

A seemingly legitimate file

The well-known antivirus publisher wrote a blog post to warn internet users about several scam attempts. Some executables found on the web pass themselves off as Windows 11 update tools, but actually hide viruses and other malware.

A file named ” 86307_windows 11 build 21996.1 x64 + activator.exe For example promises to simply switch your PC to the new version of Windows, but will actually install unwanted software on your PC.

One of the fraudulent installation files spotted by Kaspersky // Source: Kaspersky

The tactic is particularly pernicious, since the file appears to be legitimate. The version number (21,996) does indeed correspond to the leaked version of the system that emerged on the web in mid-June and at 2 GB the file looks quite believable.

Virus and password theft

In reality, the executable takes the form of a classic Windows installer and will attempt to install bloatware by asking Internet users to accept deceptive terms of use. Other fraudulent files even attempt to install ” trojans or password theft tools Kaspersky warns.

If you want to test Windows 11, therefore prefer official sources and files distributed directly by Microsoft. The complete installation procedure is detailed in our dedicated article. A little warning though, this new OS is still in beta and shouldn’t be installed on your main machine unless you are sure what you are doing.

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