Don’t even think about paying on Dropbox or Google Drive, here you can save unlimited videos, even 4K

Obviously, this is something that becomes especially evident when we talk about this type of content created in high resolutions, such as in 4K. Some of these files can occupy a good number of gigabytes, which greatly limits the use of our drives for other tasks. That is precisely why this content, especially if we have it en masse and, as with photos, we tend to store it in other locations.

For example, for all this we can make use of external drives that we connect to the PC via USB, or cloud storage services. If we focus on this second modality, it is worth mentioning that many companies offer us some free space on their servers. But if we are going to work with a good amount of gigabytes or even teras, then we will have to start paying for a subscription. This allows us to save all kinds of files, including our videos and photos, in those remote servers. But if we focus on the videos, which are the ones that occupy the most, we have a free alternative that you may not have thought of.

Specifically, we are referring to using the popular YouTube video streaming portal to store our content with these characteristics. Keep in mind that, just by creating a Google account, we will already have access to the content upload function to this platform.

Advantages of using YouTube to save our videos

In addition, all this at no cost, which will allow us to save on the storage of these videos compared to other cloud storage platforms or services. In this way we can store our files with these characteristics without any limit and completely free of charge. Even if we upload videos on 4K qualitywe will not have any problem regarding your quantity.

There is no doubt that taking advantage of this platform for mass storage of your own videos at no cost has many advantage. In addition, we can set them as private so that no one else has access to them. In the same way, we can also share with others those contents uploaded to our YouTube account directly and easily.

In addition, and how could it be otherwise, we will be able to download these files based on content from video Anytime, anywhere. All we have to do is access our personal account from a device and download those videos to our mobile or any desktop PC. However, not everything was going to be advantages using Youtube to save our videos. We may encounter a major problem. And it is that in the event that the video file that we upload does not comply with the use policies of the Google platform, it could delete it.

Therefore, we must be careful with the themes and images that are part of that content so that the search giant does not delete it from our account.

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