Don’t forget anything! This app saves everything for your trip

All users want to have control of all aspects when we are going to organize a trip: the hotel, the route, the places you are going to visit, as well as some shops or restaurants that offer the most typical products of the area. To have everything under your control, we analyzed the application of wanderlogan application that allows you to group all the sections of the trip in the same place.

Wanderlog, a collaborative application with many tools

Wanderlog is a collaborative app to plan and organize trips with your family and friends. This application allows you to organize the entire trip in an organizational way, because it organizes all the sections that make up the trip in a single space.


Main features of this application

The application is designed so that everything you need to organize your trip is within it, so it is an application that seeks to ensure that the user does not have to go to other native or third-party applications to use some tools, because This App offers you everything you need to organize a trip. Let’s see the main features:

A first advantage is the possibility of generating a document between the members who are going to make a trip in real time so that everyone knows what the planned itinerary is at the time of making the trip and to be able to modify it. Even if any user modifies it, the remaining members can instantly see any type of modification.

A second advantage is that you can organize all your flight and hotel trackers in the appwhere you can receive notifications and connect it with your Gmail account to receive all the travel data within the application itself, due to the synchronization with your email account.

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A third advantage is that the App itself determines what are the interesting places or that are worth making a stopbecause it offers information on route sections, better roads, rest areas, hotel prices in the area and in different price ranges.

A fourth advantage is that it offers free travel guides that other users have made through the application and that they want to share, where it can help you in case you do not know how to organize your trip or what to visit. In addition, the application itself establishes a route from the place where you are staying and from there you can structure a complete itinerary of the days you are going to visit the city. Finally, the fifth and last advantage is that you can perform split your screen into two partswhere you can see your location along with the itinerary you are taking.

Wanderlog Pro, paid subscription.

Wanderlog Pro also has a paid subscription where you need a number of premium features. Its options include access to your travel projects without an internet connection, export of routes to Google maps, the implementation of a dark mode, as well as optimizing the route to reach your destination as soon as possible.

On the other hand, the price to access this plan is a bit high, especially since it is an annual plan, that is, it does not offer weekly or monthly plans, so, for many users, it is too high a price if they are only going to make one or two trips a year. The Pro subscription is intended for users who travel a lot for work or payment options are very necessary for you. On the other hand, if you are a casual traveler, with the standard option, you may have all your needs met.

Wanderlog - Travel Planner
Wanderlog - Travel Planner

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