Don’t know what to make for food today? This is how ChatGPT and Google help you to make a menu

Unlike other activities or tasks, we all, absolutely every day, have to eat a minimum of 3 times, although the ideal, according to doctors, is 5 times so as not to suddenly satisfy our hunger with large amounts of food. Taking into account that we can’t give up to daily meals and that it is not recommended to replace it with prepared dishes or eat anything that, in the long run, may affect our health, one of the best options that we have at our disposal to know what to cook every day on Google.

Google puts at our disposal millions of recipes of all kinds, recipes that we can follow to the letter or make the odd modification if we don’t have any of the necessary ingredients or if we don’t particularly like any of these. But this not the ideal solution. The solution that Google puts at our disposal is as simple as introducing the ingredients that we have on hand.

Google helps cook

There is no doubt that Google is the most complete search engine available today, a search engine that includes hidden functions and tricks that allow us to get the most out of it, such as when cooking. If we enter the ingredients that we have at hand in the Google search engine, separating them by commas, the search engine will return us, first of all, recipes with the ingredients that we have established. Needless introduce the term recipe, we just have to introduce the terms of the ingredients we have at home.

cook with google

At the moment, Google will show us both YouTube videos with recipes and websites that show the steps that we must follow to be able to carry out a dish that includes those ingredients. We can put as many ingredients as we wantHowever, we are always going to get the best results and reduce the number of options. If we had all kinds of ingredients at home, we really wouldn’t need to use Google to know what to cook every day.

google cook

Create menus with ChatGPT

As artificial intelligence has become commonplace, we can also use this tool to create a weekly or monthly menu from Monday to Sunday with different dishes and ingredients based on, in addition, a specific type of food, such as For example, avoid meat, dairy products, fish, certain vegetables and fruits. We can also opt for only vegan or vegetarian diets. OpenIA is one of the artificial intelligences currently available to any user completely free of charge and with which we can generate any type of menu.

artificial intelligence weekly menu

But, in addition, we can also use it to show us a recipe with the ingredients we have on handjust like Google, but, in this case, it will only show us a single recipe with all the ingredients that we are going to need and all the steps that we must follow to take advantage of the ingredients that we have at home.

artificial intelligence cooking ingredients

We can also use the solution that Microsoft offers us through Bing to create all kinds of menus based on a type of diet or ingredients, however, it is still in closed beta.

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