Don’t leave your AirPods Max in the air, check out these mounts

The AirPods Max battery, a point to consider

One of the most controversial points of these headphones, leaving aside their price, obviously, is Battery thereof. But we are not talking about the duration of it, that is, the autonomy, if not how is it loaded and especially how the user can keep these devices on battery for a long period of time.

This is because in order to “turn off” the AirPods Max you have to insert them in their case, in which and after a few minutes have elapsed they enter a sleep mode that hardly consumes battery and that simulates turning them off. Therefore, when using media, this “shutdown” cannot be carried out. However, many users have already reported that lbattery life is not affected in any way at the time of using or not a support since the consumption is minimal.

Premium mounts for AirPods Max

As we mentioned before, the AirPods Max are headphones that have a really striking luxury component, and not only because of their price, but because of the construction materials they have. Therefore, in this compilation we want to start with the alternatives that are in line with this premium aesthetic.

UGREEN Headphone Stand

We start with the cheapest option If you want to have a support for your AirPos Max that accompany the aesthetics of these fantastic headphones. In this case we are talking about the product of the UGREEN brand, which always stands out for making accessories for the devices of the Cupertino company of high quality and at a very competitive price.

This support undoubtedly stands out, first of all for its aesthetics, which provides a very minimalist and sophisticated to an accessory that will always be visible in the workspace. Secondly, we must also highlight its construction material, which is a very good quality aluminum, in line with the aesthetics offered by the AirPods Max.

U-Type Arch Headphone Holder

Arch Headphone HolderThe aluminum It is one of the materials that give AirPods Max that premium identity. In the same way, this material is the one that predominates in this QinCoon support, in this way that harmony of materials and image between both products is achieved, being an ideal combination to have on the desktop.

It has a U-shaped slide rail where you can wear the headphones comfortably and with the peace of mind that they will remain safe. Furthermore, robustness and stability are fully assured. It also features a soft leather pad, solid aluminum alloy temples, and highly polished edges.

Walnut and Aluminum Headphone Stand

Walnut and Aluminum Headphone Stand

We continue to talk about products from the QinCoon brand, which in this case is capable of combining two materials of the highest quality and which, in addition, are also capable of transmitting that feeling of a premium product in the same way as AirPods Max. These two materials are walnut wood and aluminum.

It is a support made of a matte metal and wood, which provide an ideal robustness and stability to be able to place your headphones on it. It is designed with a sturdy and heavy non-slip base. In addition, the finishes of this support are specially cared for to offer the best possible experience.

QinCoon Headphone Stand

QinCoon Headphone stand

As you can see from the name of this support, here is one more alternative from the QuinCoon brand that, in addition, is really similar to the support that we have talked about previously. Built based on two materials such as aluminum for the entire part that supports the head of the support, which It is made of walnut wood.

Undoubtedly, the combination of these two materials gives it a very elegant aesthetic while premium. Of course, it is a support that stands out not only for its look but also for the robustness and stability it brings to your AirPods Max. In addition, you can not only use this accessory with Apple headphones, it is fully compatible with other headband headphones.

Inexpensive alternative to place your headphones

Obviously, just as there are options on the market that match the premium sensation of the AirPods Max construction materials, there are also others much cheaper for all those users who do not need or want to spend so much money to get one of them and they prefer a quality product but at a much better price. For this reason, below you have a series of quality supports at a lower price.

New Bee Headphone Stand

New Bee headphone stand

We go with one of the most common options for all users who want to purchase a stand for their headphones for their desk or workplace. This is one of the cheapest options, but beware, that does not mean that you have to give up a quality product that is capable of meeting the need to leave your AirPods Max on a stand on your desk.

It has a TPE pad protection that works as a cushion to protect the headband that your headphones have, in the case of AirPods Max, one of the most delicate parts of the device. Its base is made of high-strength aluminum, which, being a metallic material, is very stable and prevents the support from falling due to the weight of the headphones.

Shumeifang Headphone Stand

Shumeifang Headphone stand

If the previous alternative offered by the New Bee brand was known to all for its simplicity and aesthetics, this is not far behind since, surely, every user who has felt the market for headphone stands has seen it at one time or another. . It really is so popular because perfectly meets what a user needs of such a product.

Is about stable and secure support, in which its central post is made of an aluminum alloy on which the rubber stabilizers are located. It is very easy to assemble, you just have to put the three parts together and in a few seconds it will be ready to put it on your desk and place your AirPods Max on it.

Desire2 Headphone Holder

Desire2 Headphone stand

We continue talking about very cheap alternatives and now we change the style a bit to go for a very inconspicuous support but for which many users opt to be able to save space on your work desk. This is a 360 degree swivel mount on the spring loaded clamp model.

To be able to place it on the desk you will have to use the hook, open it as thick as the desk and anchor it. Of course, keep in mind that the clamp is adjustable in a range 1 to 4 cm. It also has soft non-slip rubber pads to avoid scratching the surface of the desk.

Neetto Silicone Hanger

Netto Silicone Hanger

Continuing with the trend that we have started with the previous alternative, in this case the Avantree brand offers a silicone hanger to be able to place the AirPods Max there. This is a very suitable option for all those users who do not have an excessively large desk and need to have it as free as possible, or simply, for those who do not want to have the headphones in view on the table.

It’s about a very ergonomic stand for any type of headset, which provides you with very fast and comfortable access to them. In addition, in order to install it, you only need to use a double-sided tape and firmly and reliably adhere this support to one of the sides of your desk.

Headphone Hook Holder

Headphone hook holder

East headphone hook holder is made of beech wood and aluminum Premium quality that transmits a natural texture and unique style in a product that undoubtedly gives off a feeling of tremendous quality. On this stand you can hang your AirPods Max without problems so that being able to place them comfortably on your desk is not a problem.

To install this hook bracket you have two different options, on the one hand you can use 3M double-sided adhesive tape, or you can choose to use nails to fix the bracket to your desk. Undoubtedly, a very elegant and attractive option is achieved with this combination of wood and aluminum.

2-in-1 Headphone Holder

2-in-1 headphone holder

We end this compilation with an alternative that will provide you with the two ways to place your headphones, whether you want them to be visible on your desktop or if you want to place them in a more hidden place from it. It features a cable clip and spring-loaded clamp that features an adjustable height range of 86mm.

As we said, this support can be used in two different ways, since you can place it up, and that your headphones are always in view on your desk, or on the contrary, down, and in this way your AirPods Max will be more sheltered on one side of your desk, freeing your work area of ​​objects.

Which is the best option?

Whenever we make this type of compilation, from the editorial team of La Manzana Mordida we want to tell you what our choice would be, which does not have to coincide with yours since this is completely subjective. If we focus on the first product category, the most attractive option, from our point of view, is the one offered by the QinCoon brand since the aesthetics of the support is really attractive, as well as offering a quality finish that guarantees both safety and comfort when using it.

Looking at the second category where we find cheaper alternatives and also with a different concept, some of them, the one that convinces us the most is the one offered by the GGF brand, that is, The hook support manufactured in Walnut wood and aluminum. The reason for this choice is, again, due to the finishes of the product that, on the one hand, give it a tremendous appeal and a very elegant touch and, on the other, ensure the user has a product of the highest quality and reliability.

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