Don’t let Spybot – Search & Destroy install software you don’t want

As soon as we start working with our Windows operating system from scratch, the usual thing is that we have to install the applications that we need. Depending on the type of use we make of the equipment, we download and add a series of programs or others. It is more than advisable to install some security software, for which Spybot – Search & Destroy It will be very useful to us.

At the same time, most of the time, install software, we ignore the windows and messages that the installation process shows us. But as many of you may have seen firsthand, this is a mistake. Because just as it happened years ago, right now we must pay special attention to the messages shown in this process. And it is that they can give us very interesting information, customization options, or add elements that can affect our team.

With this, what we want to tell you is that it is not at all recommended to leave the default parameters when we install any program. What’s more, on a greater number of occasions than we would like, when installing a certain software we accept the arrival of other titles that do not interest us at all. As a clear example of all this, the security solution that we mentioned before Spybot – Search & Destroy. Here we find a very useful program that has been accompanying us for many years and protecting us against spyware.

However, as with other programs, as we mentioned before, we recommend that you pay attention to the installation process. This will prevent us from the arrival of applications that now we neither want nor need.

Monitor the installation of Spybot – Search & Destroy

We must take into account that, if something characterizes this application, in addition to the protection it offers us, it is that we can configure it in the installation. As you can imagine, this allows us to adjust certain parameters in order to make the program work as we are interested. But at the same time the assistant proposes the installation of other additional elements Spybot – Search & Destroy that we probably don’t need.

That is precisely why we recommend you to be pay attention to the windows and messages that appear during the process. First of all, during the installation of this security application against spyware, by default it proposes the installation of a browser. Specifically, we are referring to another software related to the world of security, Brave. But with everything and with it, it is more than possible that we already use our favorite browser and we will not let it change.

Therefore, to avoid this additional installation we only have to click on the Decline button. If we are not careful, by default we would click on the Accept button and this software would be installed without us really wanting it. At the same time during this wizard Spybot – Search & Destroy also offers us the installation of its own antivirus. Perhaps we already have software with these characteristics installed on our PC, so we don’t need another one, we are only interested in the program that protects us from spyware. We must also be careful to mark the Spybot option (without anti-virus).

antivirus Spybot - Search & Destroy

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