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Whether playing solo, or competing in esports, having a good mouse on hand is essential. For this, a fast mouse is necessary, with a high-precision and very comfortable sensor, to be one with the mouse and not miss the objective. If you are looking for something with these characteristics, you are in luck, since Razer has put on sale one of its heavyweights that, in addition, does not have cables: the Viper Ultimate.

Razer is one of the best known brands in gaming peripherals. In addition to powerful computers for the most demanding gamers, in its catalog we can also find mice, keyboards and headphones that will not only allow us to enjoy the game more, but will also help us to get a certain advantage over our rivals and not let them rise with the victory.

The Razer Viper Ultimate It is one of the highest-end mice from the well-known manufacturer. It is an ambidextrous mouse, weighing only 74 grams, and has optical buttons, which guarantee a perfect response and much faster than any other mechanical button. Its sensor, the well-known Razer Focus+, gives us a precision of up to 20,000 DPI to always be at the forefront of the game.

But the most interesting thing about this mouse is that it is a wireless model. That is to say, we will be able to use it, up to 70 hours in a row, without depending on any cable. In addition, when this battery runs out, we have two options, either connect it by cable, or place it on the included charging base so that it charges while not in use.

Save 70 euros on this excellent mouse

The normal price of this mouse is 169.99 euros. It is clear, in every way, that we are dealing with a product for very demanding players and a very specific audience. But, if we are interested in trying it, and we do not want to make such an outlay, we can get it for a limited time for only 99 euros, 70 euros less than its usual price.

Although it is not sent directly by Amazon, it has free shipping, as well as the possibility of returning it, in case we do not like it, up to 30 days after receipt. A great opportunity to update our mouse for a model of the highest range that we can find on the market.

If, on the other hand, this mouse is quite out of our budget, we also have a very tempting offer from the Razer DeathAdder V2, another of the best models of this manufacturer. An ultra-flexible wired mouse, and the same features as its older brother, which is priced at 79.99 euros but, for a limited time, is reduced by 41%. Thus, we can get hold of it for only 47 euros, a bargain to be one of the best mice on the market.

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