Don’t let your browser become obsolete, learn how to update it

There are many websites (such as Facebook, YouTube or Gmail) that have stopped supporting old and obsolete versions of browsers, so if we have any of them we will not be able to view these websites correctly and have access to all their functions.

For security

In the event that we run an outdated web browser, it is quite likely that they contain security vulnerabilities, so we run the risk that hackers could compromise our security and privacy. Depending on the degree of vulnerability, our personal information such as bank details, emails, photos, etc., could be stolen.

Along with this, the security of our computer could be compromised, so it can be used to receive attacks that endanger our personal data or be infected by all kinds of viruses and malware that can seriously compromise our security.

performance improvements

Every web page that loads in our browser triggers it to perform different tasks like loading component files. These files include images, programming scripts, and other resources that help us improve the look and feel of each website we visit.

An old and outdated browser will not be able to perform these tasks as fast as newer browsers. This causes our slower page loading experience and it can even cause the browser to freeze or crash.

Steps to update the web browser

Next, we are going to see how we can update the web browser to the latest version so that we can have its new functions, performance improvements and security patches available.

Google Chrome

Google’s browser is currently the most widely used with a market share of over 60%, which means that millions of users around the world use it to access their favorite web pages. That is why it has frequent updates, which are usually done automatically, but we can also force it to search for them.

To do this we must click on the icon with three points located in the upper right. This will open a drop-down menu where we will find several options to choose from. Among them, click on Help which is located at the bottom, which will open a second menu, where we must click on the section of Google Chrome Information.

Update Chrome

This will make a new window appear where it will show us the information about the version of Chrome that is installed and it will automatically look for new versions. In the case of finding it, it will be installed and we must restart the browser for it to start working.


Mozilla’s browser has become the main alternative to Chrome. Despite the fact that it is far from Google’s browser, the truth is that more and more users are betting on it. When we install it in our. when we install firefox A series of services are installed on our computer that are responsible for automatically searching for new versions and, if they are found, downloading them to our computer. This allows us to not worry about it since, if everything goes well, we will always have the latest version available to update the browser.

If we want to check if there are some versions available to install, we can do it from the program itself. To do this we must open Firefox and click on the button with three horizontal lines located in the upper right. This will cause a drop down menu to open. In it we will click on the section of Helpwhich will open a new submenu to the right so that we click on About Firefox.

Update Firefox

This will open a floating window where it will show us the version of the browser that we have installed and if there is an update available, it will proceed to install automatically. Later we will see a message that indicates “Restart to update Firefox”. We must close it and once it is reopened, the new updated version will be executed.

Microsoft Edge

We are talking about the browser owned by Microsoft, which has become the natural substitute for Internet Explorer, which has been an important advance. This has caused more and more users to bet on this browser for their day to day. If we want to check if we have the latest available version installed, and if not, install it, we must follow these steps.

The first thing we must do is open Edge and click on the button with three points that is located in the upper right. This will open a drop-down menu where we must click on the tab of Help and comments, to later click on About Microsoft Edge.

Update Edge

This will open a new window where the latest version that we have installed will appear. Automatically, in the event that a new version is found available, the browser will be updated without us having to do anything. Once finished, we must restart it so that the changes remain applied.


We are talking about a browser that has been with us for a good number of years and that continues to have its market. A solution that has been growing little by little and that for many is the most recommended option, as an alternative to Chrome. If we use it regularly and we want to keep it always updated, we must follow the following steps.

The first thing we must do is open Opera and click on the “O”-shaped icon that is located in the upper left. This will open a drop-down menu where we must click on the section of Update and recoverwhich is at the bottom.

Update Opera

This will cause a new window to open where we will be shown information about the new version that we have installed and the program will take care of searching for available updates and if it finds them, the browser will update automatically. We can also click on the button check updates to force the program to check again for an available update. In case it is installed, it will only be necessary to restart for the changes to apply.


This open source web browser based on Chromium, created in 2016 and has not stopped growing since then. Although it is still far from the market shares of other more popular options, the truth is that more and more users are betting on a browser created by the co-founder of the Mozilla Project and creator of JavaScript, Brendan Eich. we use regularly we must know how to update it.

Update brave

To do this, what we must do is open Brave and click on the three-bar icon located in the upper right. This will open a drop-down menu where we must click on its section of Braves Information. This will open a new page where we can see and check the latest version that we have available and it will automatically proceed to search if there are new updates available. Once we restart the browser, the changes will be applied.


It is the browser owned by Apple that also has its version for Windows. This browser is very popular among users of devices from the bitten apple brand, so those who have no choice but to use Microsoft’s operating system for their day-to-day activities end up installing it and using it as their default browser.


The problem these users encounter is that, officiallyApple no longer offers Safari updates for Windows. Safari 5.1.7 for Windows was the latest version and is now deprecated. That is why we must exercise extreme caution when using this browser for Windows, since in recent years Apple has corrected several serious bugs in Safari for macOS and iOS, bugs that are still present in the Windows version.

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