Don’t let your tension go up with the price drop on this PC UPS

The APC BX1400U-GR is an excellent UPS of proven quality, as it is able to power without problems during a power surge a PC equipped with a Core i7-8700K and an RTX 3070 graphics card as components and as peripherals a monitor, the router and an ONT for 25 minutes with the computer idle and 11 minutes in use.

More than enough time so that you can save what you are doing and turn off the equipment in a safer environment for the electronic components that are inside your computer and the peripherals connected to the electrical network. So if you run into problems like this often, the APC BX1400U-GR UPS is an excellent buy. And more now that it is on sale on Prime Day 2021.

APC BX1400U-GR, specifications of this UPS


The APC BX1400U-GR is a tower-shaped uninterruptible power supply system measuring 21.5 cm high, 13 cm wide, 33.6 cm deep and 12 kg in weight. Your ability to 700 Watt 1.4 kVA electrical load. Output frequency synchronized with the 50/60 Hz mains, with 4 output connectors of the Schuko CEE 7 type, rated voltage so much of input and output 230 V and the ability to work with voltages between 150 – 280 V. All of it as one 6 Amp input current.

Among its characteristics is the ability to self-start the equipment to which this UPS is connected once the normal power supply has been recovered. The ability to automatically regulate tension by lowering or raising the tension. Not only from the power line, but also from the telephone line.

In addition, we can use your USB port to configure the UPS through the PowerChute Personal Edition software included as standard. It also has several visual indicators, such as the LED indicators with which we will know at all times the status of the UPS and its audible alarms. With which we can know the health status of the internal batteries of the UPS. Which are lead acid batteries, VRLA, with a average recharge time of 8 hours and a nominal voltage of 24 V.

The APC BX1400U-GR is on sale during Prime Day, where its price has dropped from the usual € 205.99 to € 141.99 only during this day. So if you need a UPS or are interested in buying one, then don’t think about it. It is one of the best UPS on the market and both the health of your PC and its peripherals will appreciate it. And more if you are looking for your team to last you several years.

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