Don’t like the taskbar place in Ubuntu? Look at this change

When we are faced with a new computer, one of the first aspects that we must take into consideration is the operating system that we are going to install. The most widespread proposal is Microsoft Windows, but that does not mean that it is the only one. We can also make use of one of the many Linux distributions that we have available, such as Ubuntu.

One of the most loved by many users around the globe in this sense is Ubuntu. Despite all that we have at our disposal today, this is a distro that has earned the respect of many over time. For this reason it has become one of the elements open source software most demanded. Keep in mind that not everyone agrees with Microsoft’s Windows policies, so they look for other alternatives.

A good solution before opting for one system or another is to try several of them in a virtual machine, for example. In this way, we will have the possibility to take a first-hand look at various open source operating systems and choose the one that seems best or most appropriate to our needs. At this point, as we say one of the most popular proposals is the aforementioned Ubuntu.

However, after taking this step, many of the users who come from Windows want the new Linux system are largely similar to Microsoft’s. Thanks to the fact that we have more and more proposals in which its developers are committed to facilitating the use of their projects in this regard. In fact, perhaps this is one of the secrets of the success of the Ubuntu open source system.

Move Ubuntu’s taskbar

What is clear is that we will have to go through a period of adaptation to get used to the user interface of the Linux that we install. With everything and with this it is more likely that after a few days Little by little let’s get used to this interface. The truth is that we have many configuration functions very similar to those that we can find in Windows.

However, along these same lines we want to focus on one of the elements integrated in Ubuntu that we use the most, as it happens in the rest of the operating systems. Specifically we refer to the taskbar that surely many of you find it more than familiar. And this is one of the elements with which we interact almost constantly in practically all operating systems, including Ubuntu. By default we are going to enter with this element but a left part of interacted in the main phase, which is not always the most comfortable.

But how could it be otherwise we have the possibility of customize the location of this item. For example, if we come from Windows, perhaps we prefer that the taskbar is located at the bottom of the screen, more than anything out of habit.

Therefore, what we have to do is right-click on the desktop and select the Settings option. In the new window that appears we click on the Appearance section. Here we will already have the possibility of modify where the taskbar will be placed from the section called Screen Position.

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