Don’t like YouTube? On these websites you can watch videos for free and without limitations

For many users, YouTube is the only video platform currently available on the internet, a platform that, in recent years, has become filled with advertising, advertising that we can find before, during and after each video, and that, on many occasions, has become annoying that we can avoid by hiring YouTube Premium, YouTube without ads and that also allows us to enjoy the music platform on streaming from the search giant also ad-free.

Although it is true that on YouTube we can find videos of all kindswhich is why it is the most widely used platform in the world, it is not always the best option if we are looking for high-quality content (although it obviously exists) and if we do not want a full-screen ad to be displayed every two by three completely interrupt us.


It more like As an alternative to YouTube today, we find it in Dailymotion, a platform that, like YouTube, allows you to monetize videos including advertising, advertising that is much less than what is shown on YouTube and that also allows you to upload videos unlimited access to this platform with a maximum limit of 60 minutes.

In recent years, Dailymotion has reached agreements with large publishing groups so that they only publish their content through this platform in order to improve the reproduction numbers that are far removed from those of YouTube.


Vimeo was born as an interesting alternative to YouTube, however, as the years went by, the creators of this platform chose to redesign their business model to focus it solely on content where you had to pay to be able to publish it. In this way, he focused his business on quality videos, videos that both companies and professionals can use to publicize their work, although we can also find content of all kinds.


Unlike YouTube, all the content is available without any type of ads, since it is the content creators who pay the platform to be able to offer their creations on this platform. All the videos are classified into different categories so that it is much easier to access specific content if we are not very clear about what we want to see.

facebook watch

Although not as successful as YouTube, and not as well known, Meta’s social network, Facebook, also has a video channel called Facebook Watch. Facebook Watch, classifies the videos in three sections. On the one hand, there is the section Beginningwhere videos are shown based on our searches on the social network.

facebook watch

On the other hand, there is the section Straight, where channels that broadcast open are shown. We can also access the catalog of exclusive videos available on Facebook from the section Programs, where you can find, by name, the exclusive programs of this platform. Although most of the content is available in English, we can easily find videos in Spanish by doing a simple search from the top of the web.

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