Don’t lose your Apple TV remote anymore: this Nomad case is the solution

Remote controls are especially important when we need to control a device, so it is always good to have them at hand and, if possible, without losing them every few minutes due to silly oversights. Anyway, if something like this happens to you, in the case of Apple TV we have an official app for iPhone and iPad that practically allows us to carry out the same functions, even with a little extra comfort.

A case with an extra

The normal thing is that a remote control does not move from the place where we have left it. The problem is that there are times that we have taken it almost without realizing it, unconsciously, we have gone to another part of the house to do something and after a few minutes we have forgotten where we have left it. In the kitchen, in the bedroom? So it’s time to start looking for it all over the house.

Well, the Nomad company has decided to remedy this problem that happens to us many days and has found a way for us to have that Apple TV remote control always located. How? Well, actually, as you have guessed, through one of those AirTags from Cupertino. You know, using those wireless beacons that are capable of communicating with any device made by Californians and that will give us an (almost) exact location of where it is.

That is why this cover (leather on the outside and microfiber on the inside) will allow you not only to control all the Apple TV options quickly and easily, but also to use all the technology of the application Search to have it always located within our home. Not so much because the system is able to say that it is in the living room, the kitchen or the bedrooms, but because the possibility of making it beep so that the sound guides us to him quickly.

Apple TV remote cover.

A little extra expense

This case, compatible with the second generation remote control model with Siri for Apple TV and that you can get through the link you have in “Source”, is priced at $33.95 (that is, about 31.69 euros). to the change) and lets you place the command at the top, with the controls easily accessible and, just below, a hole to install an Apple AirTag. As you can see from the images above, there is a round space that is where we will have to place the wireless beacon.

That will lead you to, in addition to the expense of the cover, you will have to add the approximately 35 euros that it has in price one of these AirTags, although if we are Apple users with several devices and want to extend the ecosystem to house or car keys, wallet or backpack, it can be cheaper to get a pack of four that offers us a lower price cheap: 119 euros instead of the 140 of buying them one by one.

This cover is

Matter of calculations.

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