Don’t Miss: 20 Years Since Napster Closure, Long Live WordArt, and Updates

It’s finally Friday, and a pretty hot weekend awaits us. Luckily, we have a new build of Windows 11 ready to test this weekend, and a good list of programs to update. In addition, there are other events that are marking this day, especially on a nostalgic level, as we will see below.

Does Napster sound familiar to you? 20 years after its closure

Although right now it is a music streaming service, 20 years ago Napster It was a totally different platform, the kind that a few with power didn’t like too much: a P2P file-sharing client, specifically music. In April 2000, Metallica filed a lawsuit against this platform for the leak of one of the songs from the soundtrack of Mission Impossible 2. After a long and complex judicial process, those with the most power (that is, the record companies and copyright advocates) had their way, and on July 9, 2001, those responsible were forced to shut down their servers.

Of course, the closure of Napster did not end the file sharing, but to reveal other alternatives such as Bear Share, eMule, Ares, Kazaa and eDonkey2000. And these platforms have never been brought down thanks to their decentralized nature (although many disappeared due to being forgotten).

Do you remember the WordArt? Still works

Just as nobody should think of doing an essay (class, university or work) with Comic Sans, nobody should think of creating a cover with WordArt. However, a few years ago this was the most normal thing in the world. Today, Microsoft wanted to remember the use of these artistic titles with a new tweet, although for no apparent reason.

It is true that this time they have given Clippy a rest. But both Microsoft and Flight Simulator and Xbox have been entertaining creating curious WordArts in Word and reminding us that this function is still alive.

Program updates

In addition, we can also find new updates to the most popular programs that we can have installed on our computer.

  • Caliber: the most popular and complete e-book manager that we can find. An essential program for any user who has an electronic book. The new version 5.23 improves the search for annotations, adds support for TXTZ and makes it easier to edit metadata. In addition, it corrects several errors detected in the program and adds and improves existing fonts. We can download this new version from this link.
  • WPS Office: a complete free alternative to Office, Microsoft’s office suite. The new version improves the search for items in its search panel and fixes several errors that caused closures and crashes in the program. We can download this program from its website.
  • PrivaZer: complete cleaning suite to protect our privacy when using Windows. The new version 4.0.27 focuses on improving the scanning of certain system folders and also improves the program’s interface. We can download this version from here.
  • MakeMKV: transcoder that allows us to convert any video clip (even from protected discs) to MKV format, preserving the original information of the data, including the metadata. The new version 1.16.4 improves support for discs with Java playlists, adds support for Mac OS 12.0 Monterey, and includes several minor enhancements. We can download this program from this website.

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