Don’t miss out on August’s free games on Prime Gaming: Battlefield V and Indiana Jones

Free games in August

Will be 8 sets which will be offered completely free from August 2 to all Prime Gaming members. The first great proposal is that of Battlefield V, which will thus close a tremendous pack of games given away by Amazon, since the company has come to give away all the titles of the saga since Battlefield 3. In Battlefield V we will move to the Second World war in a huge sandbox that will put us fully in numerous confrontations of the time.

The best Lucasart game?

Among the many Indiana Jones games that have been released, The Fate of Atlantis most likely occupies the first place, since it is a great graphic adventure developed by Lucasarts that took us through various corners of the world to find the location of ancient Atlantis, a place where the Nazis seem to be preparing an extremely powerful weapon .


In Metamorphosis we will put ourselves in the shoes of Gregor, who has seen him turn into an insect overnight. With the help of his new abilities, he must discover the whereabouts of his friend Joseph, who has been arrested, so you will have to do everything possible to save him.

A normal Lost Phone

Imagine that you come across the mobile phone of a stranger and after taking a look, you discover that something is happening in his life. Will you be able to find out? This curious puzzle game will make you search through the images, messages and applications to understand the person who owns the phone and discover what happened to her.

Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story

Second part of the previous game that delves into Laura’s social life. You’ll be able to enjoy the same themes again in this new narrative adventure with riddles that will keep you hooked until the end.

Planet Alpha

After waking up on a completely unknown alien planet, you must navigate all manner of spectacularly visual dangers to stay alive and uncover the planet’s secrets. The best? You have discovered that you have the power to manipulate the time of day, so use it to advance as far as you can.

Secret Files: Tunguska

A graphic adventure launched several years ago that surprised by its plot and its mysterious history. After experiencing an explosion equivalent to 2,000 Hiroshima bombs in the middle of Central Siberia, our protagonist will try to discover the conspiracy behind such an event.

Lost horizon 2

A British soldier must save his entire family in the middle of the Cold War conflict. In his adventure, he ends up trapped in completely unexplored territory that will bring him many surprises, and not especially pleasant ones.

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