Don’t miss out on the iPhone 13! So you can save 100 euros

One of the devices that has benefited the most after the launch of the iPhone 14 has been the iPhone 13, and it is that taking into account the few novelties that the 14 includes and the price increase that it has suffered in Spain, many users have opted for the previous model to save some money. Well, now they will be able to save much more thanks to this piece of discount that they have in MediaMarkt.

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as we said, the iPhone 13 has become by surprise one of the great recommendations of 2023, and it is that the price increase suffered by the iPhone 14 has caused many more users to bet on the previous model, the 13, even more so taking into account that the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 14 barely differ in terms of technical specifications it means. These are two practically identical devices, and that has affected the sales of one and the other, positively and negatively.

Obviously, one of the reasons why the iPhone 13 is selling more is the price it has compared to the 14, well, we bring you an offer that, of course, increases and enhances that decision to acquire the iPhone 13 ahead of his successor, and that is In MediaMarkt they have the 256 GB iPhone 13 in all its colors for 929 eurosthat is to say, 100 euros cheaper than what you can find in the Apple Store.

Is the iPhone 13 worth it at this point?

Despite the difference in price compared to the iPhone 14 and the few novelties that exist between these two devices, it is possible that many users continue to have doubts as to whether it is really worth buying the iPhone 13 at this point in 2023, when it is already It has been on the market for more than a year and a half. Well then, the reality is that it dependsas always, according to the needs of each user.

However, the iPhone 13 is still a really valid device in the middle of 2023, with a good batterya perfect size, good camera and a processor that will give you many more years of updates. Therefore, if the features of the device match your needs, of course acquiring the iPhone 13 at this time of the year is worth it, since you will have equipment that is really similar to the iPhone 14 but for a much lower price.

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Of course, you have to take into account that this it is the 256 GB modelnot the basic 128 GB, which will allow you to store much more information, photos, videos, and documents inside your iPhone, something that is vital for all those users who do not want to pay for using cloud storage and that they also have the thought of extending the useful life of this device for as long as possible.

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