Don’t miss out on these heavily discounted Nfortec PC towers

We have, on the one hand, the Nfortec Krater with mesh front that offers excellent airflow. Also, we have the Nfortec Lynx, It has a closed front with integrated RGB lighting. Both models include fans with customizable LED lighting and a tempered glass window. They also include a power supply cover so that the wiring is not visible.

Nfortec Krater White, a PC case with mesh front

Those that optimize the good flow of air, have in that chassis for pc from Nfortec an excellent solution. It has a mesh front with three fans capable of absorbing a large amount of cold air from outside. Said air will impact both the processor heatsink and the graphics card, reducing the temperature. The upper grille and the rear fan will be in charge of expelling the hot air to the outside.

This gaming tower It is characterized by supporting format base plates ATX, mini ITX and micro ATX. Additionally, it supports graphics cards up to 320mm in length and processor coolers up to 160mm in height.

As this chassis has a tempered glass window, the last thing that interests us are cables in the middle. It has a cover that hides the power supply and its cables. In addition, it hides the HDD units that we want to install for mass storage. the uSSD storage drives they are installed behind the motherboard, so that the wiring is also hidden.

This chassis integrates a RGB controller to control the lighting of the fans. It is also compatible with led strips, in case we want to add more lighting to our gamer chassis.

Regarding the front panel, it has excellent connectivity. It has a jack port for sound output and another for microphone input. It also has two USB 2.0 ports and a USB 3.0 port. In addition, it has a button to control the RGB lighting through the controller.

If you are looking for a gaming tower with high quality and features, this is our recommendation. The better the airflow, the better the processor and graphics card will be cooled. This PC chassis has a mesh front and three fans that will generate a huge airflow.

Mesh type front Limited for liquid cooling systems
Comes with 4 built-in RGB fans
RGB Controller
Space to hide the wiring
Room for long graphics cards and tall heatsinks

Nfortec Lynx White, an ATX tower with a tempered glass window

Those looking for something different, with a somewhat more aggressive aesthetic, this pc tower it is ideal. It has a closed front with RGB lighting that goes through it. It has a tempered glass window and the power supply is hidden. The interesting thing is that there is a space that lets you see the power supply slightly, specifically it would let you see the brand and model of it.

East chassis supports format motherboards ATX, mini IXT and micro ATX, which are the most common on the market. It has support for graphics cards up to 320mm in length and processor heatsinks up to 160mm.

It differs from the previous model in that this chassis does not have an RGB controller. Also, it only has one 120mm fan with led lighting on the back. We can install liquid cooling up to 240mm in the front and a 120mm RL radiator in the rear.

It has a bay just in front of the power supply for storage drives. It allows you to install two mechanical hard drives or two SSD units, depending on what you want.

It has a jack connector on the front for sound output and another for microphone input. Perhaps the most interesting thing is that it has three USB 3.0 ports on the front. In addition, it has a button to control the RGB lighting on the front.

This PC case opts more for aesthetics than airflow. Perhaps it is more limited in terms of storage capacity than the previous model. An economical and very tight option.

It has anti-dust filters on the front and top Front is very closed
tempered glass window Little space for storage units
hidden power supply
Plenty of room to hide wiring
Supports long graphics cards and tall heatsinks

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