Don’t miss out on this Corsair 110R chassis with a 15% discount

If you want to update your setup, it is very possible that you are considering changing the tower of your PC. We can find many solutions on the market, but we bring you a very interesting Corsair option. This chassis has stylish finishes, a tempered glass window, and room for the latest hardware. Also, now you can purchase this Corsair chassis with a 15% discount.

pc tower, Corsair 110R It is characterized by having a very simple but at the same time elegant design. It has a tempered glass window so that you can see the hardware that is housed in it. In addition, as a curious fact, it has a 5.25-inch bay, something very rare to see today.

Corsair 110R, a sober and very complete PC chassis

This box for our computer is characterized by being of ATX format and have a tempered glass window. It has a closed front, something that may not be highly recommended for certain cases. Despite the closed front, on the sides it slopes with a slit that allows a good flow of air.

This chassis offers us support for ATX motherboards, of course, but also for motherboards micro-ATX and mini-ITX. Also note that this chassis supports processor heatsinks up to 160mm high and graphics cards up to 330mm long.

This chassis stands out for including a 120mm fan at the rear to extract the air. This chassis allows you to install either a 120mm or a 140mm fan on top. In addition, we can install three 120 mm or two 140 mm fans on the front. Note that in the front we can choose to install a radiator of up to 360 mm.

The power supply in this chassis is hidden under a metal coating. Right at this point, hidden from view, we can install two hard drives 3.5 inches. It has rails to install the hard drives in a comfortable and simple way. The tray where the hard drives are installed can be completely removed if the power supply is very long.

This chassis has support for the installation of two SSD 2.5 inches. These units are installed behind the motherboard, right in the space for wiring.

All the details have been taken into account

To facilitate the cleaning of the system and that it can be filled with dust, there are dust filters at the top, bottom and front. Obviously, they will not prevent dust from entering, but they will help a lot to prevent more dust from entering than it should.

Connectivity is also quite good, with this system having two ports. USB 3.1 Type-A. In addition, it has a dual 3.5 mm jack port, which allows audio input and output through the same connector.

Something quite curious about this chassis is that it has a 5.25-inch bay. This bay is intended for DVD or Blue-ray players. Few are the PC chassis that currently offer this bay. The reason is that these units already make little sense, since everything can be done via USB port today.

This Corsair chassis has dimensions of 418x210x480 mm and a weight of 6.5 kilos.

It has two USB 3.1 ports The front is very closed, being able to influence the air flow
Cover that hides the power supply
Supports common motherboard formats
Allows good cable management
It has several filters against dust

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