Don’t Miss Out: World Dog Day, Elon Musk’s Fortune and Programs to Update

Would you be able to spend Elon Musk’s fortune?

We all dream of how we could spend the money from a prize, the lottery, the Euromillions … and surely, although we have many ideas in mind, we still have money left over. Although some Euromillions, for example, may seem like a lot of money, would you know what to do if you had at your disposal all the fortune of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos or Elon musk?

This website makes Elon Musk’s money available to us (virtually, of course) to see if we can spend it. We can buy from consoles to yachts, mansions, paintings, islands and even tanks (because why not?). And, as it should be, at the end of the purchase we will have our invoice.

How much money of the 164,000 million dollars will you be able to spend?

World Dog Day – Celebrate it on Windows

Today, July 21, is the world dog day. And what better way to honor our friends than in Windows. Surely many of us have a photo of the dog that we have taken as a wallpaper. But, if the dog is not very photogenic, there are other ways to honor it. One of them, for example, is to install this Microsoft dog theme on the PC, which will change from time to time by adding photos to us.

Dog days
Dog days

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Don’t you like the themes? If we look back, Windows XP included, among the default images, the background of a dog, a background that, surely, more than one has accompanied us in our long days in front of which, over time, is one of the most missed operating systems.

Windows XP dog background

But this is not the only dog ​​present in Windows XP. In addition to the photo of the majestic pointer, Microsoft’s operating system hid a little helper: Rover. This one accompanied us during the searches we made of files and folders in the OS and, although the truth is that it was a bit useless, it was very cute, and it earned a place in our hearts.

Rover Windows Gif

I wish Microsoft would bring it back, as a tribute, just like Clippy.

Programs with updates

We can also find a good list of programs with new versions that we can update on our PC to have the best possible performance.

  • Revo Uninstaller: the popular program uninstaller that allows us to delete any application from the computer and eliminate all the traces it may leave on the PC. The new version 4.4.8 improves the scanning algorithms to remove more residual files when deleting a program, updates the languages ​​and removes some minor bugs. We can download this program from here.
  • OfficeSuite: one of the best alternatives to Office that we can download and install on the PC. The new version 5.70.40537 of this program updates Sheets with new functions such as autocomplete, faster formulas and an improvement in copy and paste options, and Slides, with a new ruler, improvements in text boxes and 3D visualization effects. . We can download this new version from this link.
  • Firefox– The popular open source browser designed for users who seek privacy and not give away their data to Microsoft or Google. The new version 90.0.1 is a minor update, focused on correcting minor errors detected in the program. We can download this new version from here.
  • Mirillis Action!: a complete program to record the computer screen and stream in real time. The new version 4.20.2 fixes several bugs and improves the general stability of the program. We can download this version from its website.
  • VirtualBox: if you want to test operating systems without altering your PC, this is the program you should install. The new version 6.1.24 of this program fixes a good number of problems detected by users and improves some aspects of virtual machines, such as sound. We can download the new version from your website.

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