Don’t need to use Office anymore? So you remove it completely

When it comes to uninstalling Microsoft Office from our computer, we have different ways to do it. To do this, we can use the Windows tool itself to delete any program, which we can access both from the Control Panel and from Settings. We can also use useful third-party tools such as HiBit Uninstaller. In case Office refuses to be deleted, we can use the Uninstall Microsoft Office application with which any possible problem in this regard will be eliminated. Finally, if we wish, we can eliminate the different applications that Office contains manually.

Why we may need to uninstall Office

Although Office is arguably the best office software today, there may be certain occasions where we must proceed to uninstall it. The Microsoft office suite has limited licenses if we use Office 2021 or earlier, so we must always have it installed on the device that we are going to use it more frequently, which may be a reason for the need to uninstall it in our Current PC.

It will also be necessary to delete it in the event that we need to use a previous version of Office, since in order to install and use it it will be necessary to uninstall the current version. It is also convenient to delete it in the event that we have errors or failures during the installation or update process, which may cause us to be unable to execute the problems. Finally, it may happen that we are simply not going to use it anymore and it makes no sense that it continues to occupy space on our computer.

Different ways to uninstall in Windows

Whatever the reason we need to uninstall Microsoft Office, we are going to see different ways to do it. Of course, it should be remembered that, even if we delete the Office programs, the files that we have created and saved will be preserved. However, we will not be able to use them unless we reinstall them or use other compatible programs.

From the Control Panel

The simplest and most common way to uninstall Microsoft Office from our Windows 10 computer is perform the operation from the Control Panel. To do this, we will write control panel inside the search box of the Start menu and execute it. Once it appears, we click on “Uninstall a program” in the “Programs” section.

This will open a new window with a list of all the programs that we have installed on our computer. Here we must look for the version of Office that we have installed, be it Microsoft 365, Office 2019, etc. Once located, click on it with the right mouse button and select “Uninstall”. It only remains to follow the steps of the wizard until the operation is completed.

Control panel uninstall Office

From the Settings menu

It is also possible to completely uninstall Office from the Windows Settings menu. To access it, just press the keyboard shortcut “Windows + I”. Once the menu appears, we must select the “Applications” section. This will take us to a new window, where we must click on the “Applications and features” section in the left column. Later, we scroll to the bottom of the screen where we find a list with all the available applications. Here We look for the version of Microsoft Office that we have installed and we select it. Finally, we click on the button “Uninstall” and follow the steps of the wizard for its elimination.

Settings uninstall Microsoft Office

With third party software like HiBit Uninstaller

This program has been developed so that we can keep track of all the programs installed on our computer. From its intuitive interface we can uninstall all those applications that we no longer need, including any modifications it has made to the Windows registry. It specializes in eliminating all types of programs, including the most rebellious, so it is ideal to uninstall the application if we cannot eliminate it from the Control Panel or Windows Settings. In addition, it is a portable tool so it does not need installation and can be used from any external storage system. We can download for free from the developer’s own website.

HiBit Uninstaller uninstall Office

Once we execute it, its main menu appears with all the applications installed on the system. It will only be necessary to look for the version of Office that we have installed. Once located, right-click on it and select “Uninstall.” From there, we follow the steps indicated by the wizard until the installation is complete.

Use Uninstall Microsoft Office if uninstall fails

There are times when we may have problems uninstalling Office from our computer. For these cases, Microsoft has a repair tool that is responsible for completely eliminating Microsoft Office from our PC. This software is called Uninstall Microsoft Office and we can download it for free from this Microsoft support page, by clicking on the «Download» button that is shown in option 2.

Download Uninstall Microsoft Office

Once the tool is downloaded, we execute it so that the “Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant” is installed on the system. Once the program has started, it will detect the Office products that we have installed, so we will only have to select it and click on «Next». On the next screen we must indicate “I have Office installed, but I can’t uninstall it” and click on “Next” again. This software will take care of remove Office from our PC completely, although we have not been able to achieve it with other forms available.

Microsoft Support Assistant uninstall Office

Delete each of the programs individually

When you install the Office suite, they are installed with it all the programs that are part of the suite, so if we are not interested in using any, we can always uninstall them manually from the Windows Start menu. If we enter the Windows Start menu we will check how each application installed independently is found. From here we can run it, anchor it to the taskbar, open the file location and also delete it. To do this, it will only be necessary to click with the right button of the mouse on the Office application that we want to delete and a contextual menu will appear. Here, we select the “Uninstall” option.

Uninstall an Office application from the Start menu

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