Don’t play alone on your PS5: best co-op games

Collaborate, it’s more fun

There is a variant of competitive multiplayer games that are cooperatives. Those who, for whatever reason, they allow us to join other players (in person on the same console or remotely) to finish together the main campaign, the story mode or specific missions that the creators have left that we solve in that way. So it’s not so much about making life impossible for each other, but rather the other way around, protecting ourselves from enemies, giving us a hand when things get annoying and running down the ammunition to the maximum to reach the goal, always thinking of the one we have next to us. .

The fact is that if you have a brand new PlayStation 5 and want to spend some unforgettable evenings with other friends fighting on the same side, We are going to tell you about the best titles you can find right now. That yes, although we are going to tell you which are the best (in our opinion, of course) of the next-genRemember that backward compatibility with PS4 can also bring you good news when it comes to enjoying an eminently cooperative title from five, six or more years ago.

IMPORTANT: remember that in order to enjoy all these online features of the games, it is necessary to have one of the three subscription options to PlayStation Plus active, or else you won’t be able to connect to share games. Especially in those cases where the multiplayer is over the internet.

These are the best of the genre.

Back 4 Blood

This game cannot be conceived without the word cooperative very big because we have to be part of a team of four hunters of zombies that have to clear all the scenarios with a shotgun, machine gun, pistol or crossbow bolt. Fun like few others when you enjoy it with three other friends.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat

If you think you’ve seen it all wait until you see this overcooked. With a version for PS5, this classic invites us to be part of a kitchen preparing dishes at full speed. The problem is that you will not be the only one and you have to be at the level of your fellow cooks. Either you pass the tomato in time or the burger is lost!

Overcooked 2!

Continuation of the previous title that has the same idea, that remains as fun as the first and that innovates with some novelties in its kitchen mechanics. If you bought the first one, finished it and want more, don’t hesitate, this Overcooked 2 is the best remedy.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

This exclusive launch game for PS5 is one of the best platforms we have available and, on top of that, with a cooperative mode that can make you spend endless afternoons along with a friend next door. Old fashioned fun that never fails, when it comes to spending hours in style.

dirty 5

Cooperative driving games are hard to find, but this one dirty 5 it is. so much that we can enjoy a whole race within the game with an assistant to give you a hand to better trace a curve or skid out of the last turn before crossing the finish line.

Streets of Rage 4

If there is a genre that cooperatives fit like a glove, that is the one of the beat ’em up. Simply press Start and a new participant will appear on the screen that, together, they will be able to make their way through those “streets of rage” that came to consoles and PC in 2020. By the way, you will relive the old days of arcades and those games designed for two or more participants. do you remember gauntlet?

destiny 2

destiny 2 is one of those games born for cooperative multiplayer, thanks to the countless scenarios, dungeons, fortresses and missions that we can attack Along with a good group of comrades-in-arms. If you haven’t tried it, you’re taking a while, because it’s one of the strongest franchises on the multiplayer scene today.


Although the normal thing is that we play a game of FIFA 22 against a friend, on the same console or over the internet, the Electronic Arts game has a cooperative option where with two controls, we can fight for victory within the same team. If you haven’t tried it, do it, you’ll see how surprised you are. Do you take Messi and I Vini Jr.?

NBA 2K22

As in the case of FIFA 22, we can play a few games and go hand in hand with a friend to control the players of the same team. As we told you before, it is not a well-known way but you know that there is the possibility of doing it.

Genshin Impact

This title that appeared on mobile phones and then made the leap to consoles like PS5 has parts of its development where it is essential to collaborate all together, forming a group that can face the dangers of very specific instances of the map. Moreover, it is so mandatory that these missions will be difficult for us to complete on our own without anyone’s help.

It Takes Two

Josef Fares’ game is a true masterpiece of the cooperative genre because it is not just another option, but rather the whole idea of ​​its development revolves around giving us a hand with our partner to move forward. Hence, it is the paradigm of this subgenre of multiplayer titles. In addition, its quality is more than proven because, not in vain, it was named best game of the year at The Game Awards held in December 2021.

Devil III

For the end we leave a game that is a classic cooperative mode. Devil III allows us to create small gangs to complete the levels of the game with the help of a friend. At that moment, the greed for more rewards becomes an extraordinary engine of fun. Word.

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