Don’t put your PC in danger by downloading files from the Internet: follow these 6 tips

When we work with our computer, in addition to the security software that we should install, the precautions that we ourselves take are also important. The whole set will serve to keep safe the OSthe installed applications and the personal data that we have stored.

This is especially true now that most computers are almost constantly connected to the Internet. When we navigate, we must keep a sharp eye so as not to fall into one of the many traps in the form of attacks and malicious code that we can find. It is true that both his own browser like the antivirus that we should have installed on the PC, they are in charge of protecting us to a great extent.

But it is also true that we ourselves and based on our previous experience, should be careful and take certain measures to avoid problems in the future. These refer to the security of our equipment in general so as not to put it at risk. How could it be otherwise, this is something that we must keep in mind when downloading all kinds of internet files. All this is something that we carry out on a regular basis and sometimes too lightly.

Hence, below we are going to talk about a series of very useful tips to avoid endangering your computer when downloading all kinds of content.

Do not take risks when downloading files from the Internet

Surely many of you and practically every day download content in the form of files from the different websites that you visit online, or from the mail. But certain precautions must be taken to avoid risking the content of our computer and thus avoid the arrival of malicious code.

  • Download from reliable pages: there are many pages that offer us all kinds of content such as movies, programsmusic or books. Many of them try to bait us into downloading that content, but in reality we are downloading some type of malware. We should always search, as far as possible, the official pages of the content to download.
  • Do not trust suspicious gifts: there are websites that offer us gifts of paid content, but for free, something that we should almost always be wary of. These supposed gifts are usually associated with some kind of malicious code which will be installed on our computer.
  • Keep the antivirus active: in most cases it is highly recommended to keep a antivirus installed in the team and also in a state of constant surveillance. This will prevent us from downloading malicious files as they will be automatically blocked.
  • Use platforms such as Virustotal: the reliability of antivirus is not total, so in case of doubt, before downloading a certain file, it is advisable to use online services like the one offered by Virustotal.

  • Be wary of unknown email attachments: one of the most common sources of virus entry is through email. If we receive messages from unknown sources with attachments, we must avoid downloading. The same is true of suspicious files that come to us from known sources through the mail.
  • Beware of torrents: over the last few decades, many have used P2P downloads through torrent files. We use them to download all kinds of content, many of them illegal. The latter is something that we should avoid in order to protect our equipment against possible viruses and limit ourselves to completely legal files.

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